Dragonmancer Kai'Sa Skin Splash Art, Price, Release Date, How to Get

"Dragonmancers have been spotted on the #PBE!"
"Dragonmancers have been spotted on the #PBE!" / Photo courtesy of Riot Games

Dragonmancer Kai'Sa was revealed as one of the new skins coming to League of Legends.

Kai'Sa joins Volibear, Karma, Thresh and Yasuo in the Dragonmancer skin line. These skins are expected to arrive in the next League of Legends patch, 11.21, as reveals take place two weeks out.

Here's everything you need to know about the upcoming Lagoon Dragon Kai'Sa skin.

Dragonmancer Kai'Sa Skin Splash Art

Lagoon Dragon Kai'Sa splash art
Lagoon Dragon Kai'Sa splash art / Photo courtesy of Riot Games

The Dragonmancer splash art features Lagoon Kai’Sa's new colorway, featuring plenty of green with elements of gold on her armor. Fitting the lagoon moniker, the skin's splash art also features water-based imagery across her entire kit, including her sitting on a lily pad while her dragons swim around her during her recall animation. As with the theme, her dragon is a two-headed drake, functioning as the two cannons that often sit above her shoulders.

Dragonmancer Kai'Sa Skin Price

Dragonmancer Kai'Sa's price hasn't been confirmed yet, and won't be until it hits live servers. It's expected that this skin, and perhaps the rest in the Dragonmancer drop, will cost 1,350 RP.

Dragonmancer Kai'Sa Skin Release Date

Dragonmancer Kai'Sa's release date isn't confirmed yet, but it is expected to arrive in League of Legends Patch 11.21.

How to Get Dragonmancer Kai'Sa

When Dragonmancer Kai'Sa hits live servers, players will be able to purchase it through the in-game item shop.