Drednaw Evolution, Location, and Stats in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Drednaw is definitely one of the more popular Galar Pokemon released as part of Pokemon Sword and Shield for the Nintendo Switch, reminiscent of Pokemon such as Blastoise and Torterra, who were both cut from the game much to the dismay of longtime fans everywhere. How does one obtain a Drednaw, and how effective is it competitively?

Drednaw Evolution

Drednaw is the final evolved form of Chewtle, which evolves into Drednaw after being trained to level 22. Drednaw does have a unique Gigantamax form, which can be achieved in battle through the use of the Dynamax band invented by Oleana. In Gigantamax form, Drednaw's shell and spikes grow to almost completely surround the snapping turtle inspired Pokemon.

Drednaw Location

For those players too eager to evolve a Chewtle, Drednaw can be found in the wild in specific locations. Giant's Cap, Giant's Mirror, and the Dusty Bowl all have the best chances of spawning wild Drednaw, with a minimum of 40% for each area. Encountering a Drednaw here will guarantee it to have a pretty high level, at least level 28 in each of these three locations.

Drednaw Stats

Drednaw is a tank, able to blast through any opponent with or without a Dynamax Band.

  • HP: 90
  • Attack: 115
  • Defense: 90
  • Special Attack: 48
  • Special Defense: 68
  • Speed: 74

Image Courtesy of Game Freak