Eliminate Trespassers in Fortnite: How to Complete the Challenge

"Kymera's attacks will not go unanswered!"
"Kymera's attacks will not go unanswered!" / Photo courtesy of Epic Games

Eliminate Trespassers in Fortnite is a task that many players are looking to complete at the moment as they try to complete their Week 5 epic quest challenges in Chapter 2 Season 7.

In addition to deploying Alien Nanites, Epic Games and Rook has tasked players with eliminating two Trespassers. Here's where to find them in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7.

Eliminate Trespassers in Fortnite: How to Complete the Challenge

Although Trespassers are currently the main Alien NPCs in the game, it can be tough to find and eliminate two of them quickly as they aren't usually found walking around the island.

Instead, players will find themselves piloting Saucers, which only occurs in the named locations that are in purple on the map. The purple POIs are randomized, but there will always be three of them per match, and each location will have three Trespassers flying around in Saucers.

The last thing to keep in mind beforehand is that players should make sure they're stocked up with shields and decent weaponry as the Trespassers won't go down without a fight.

Currently, the main method is simply to locate a Saucer piloted by one of the Trespassers, and then shoot it down so that they get out of it.

The Rail Gun is particularly effective at this, although any weapon should do. Players should note that the Saucer will return fire with its Energy Cannon, so get ready to dodge as soon as they start charging shots up.

Once a Saucer is downed, any Trespasser(s) in it will get out armed with the Kymera Ray Gun, 150 shield and 100 health.

An alternative method is to glide out of the Steamy Stacks POI, land on one of the Trespasser-piloted Saucers nearby and take them out in the sky.

Once you've taken out two Trespassers, the challenge is done. Just like that, the second challenge for Rook's Week 5 epic quest is done and 30,000 more XP is in the bag for the Season 7 Battle Pass.

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