ESO Proc Sets: Best PvP Proc Sets for Nightblades

ESO proc sets are numerous in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO). As with most titles in the Elder Scrolls franchise, the online installment offers an incredible amount of customization to your game play and style. Choosing a set or combination of sets to provide you with the best bonuses is just one of the ways to optimize your combat experience. After all, there's a lot more combat than just healing.

A good item build can provide any player with a solid advantage against their enemies when put together properly. Here's our top proc set picks for Nightblades.

ESO Proc Sets: Best PvP Proc Sets for Nightblades

1. Bloodspawn

The Bloodspawn monsterset is a great choice for stamina-centered nightblades. As is common with these sets, there are only two pieces you need to collect for the full buffs. The first buff increases you stamina recovery by 129 while the second gives you a 6% chance to gain 14 Ultimate and increase both spell and physical resistance by 6,450 for six seconds every time you take damage. The second effect can occur every six seconds. The helm drops from the veteran version of Spindleclutch II and the shoulders can be obtained from Maj al-Ragath's chest in the Undaunted camp.

2. Spawn of Mephala

Spawn of Mephala (SoM) is a monsterset that focuses on poison damage and making sure your target doesn't go disappearing from your range too easily.The first effect is a buff to Stamina by 1096 and the second is creating a web for 10 seconds that deals 1096 Poison Damage every one second and reduces the Movement Speed of enemies within by 50% whenever you land a fully charged heavy attack. This effect can happen every 10 seconds. SoM's helm drops from veteran Fungal Grotto II and you can get the shoulders from Maj al-Ragath's chest in the Undaunted camp.

3. Night Mother's Gaze

Night Mother's Gaze (NMG or simply Gaze) is a craftable set of which the crafting center can be found in Bangkorai, Reaper's March, and The Rift. There are five pieces to this set with each dealing more and more bonuses to your weapon critical. The final proc effect once you have all five pieces is apply Major Fracture to the enemy, reducing their Physical Resistance by 5280 for 6 seconds whenever you deal critical damage. This one is a classic choice and has remained popular with nightblades since launch.

4. Poisonous Serpent

Poisonous Serpent is, unsurprisingly, another set specializing in poison damage. If you already regularly use poisons on your weapons, this set is for you. There are five pieces to this set, increasing Stamina and weapon damage by 2192 and 129, respectively. The proc effect unlocked by having all five pieces is a 50% chance to deal an additional 3400 poison damage to targets who already have a poison damage effect on them whenever you land a light or heavy attack. The effect can occur once every second—making this build as deadly as the animal its named after.

5. Briarheart

The Briarheart set requires the Orsinium DLC, but its bonuses are well worth it. The pieces for this set can be found all over Wrothgar whether through questing or running through delves and world bosses. The first few pieces add stamina and weapon critical at 1096 and 1666, respectively. Its last effect after gaining all five pieces is to have a 10% chance to increase your Weapon Damage by 449 for 10 seconds whenever you deal critical damage. When activated, your critical strikes heal you for 651 Health. The effect can only occur every 15 seconds so we recommend pairing this with a similar weapon critical set for maximum damage.

Photos courtesy of ZeniMax Online Studios, Jack O'Dwyer.