ESO Proc Sets: Best PvP Proc Sets for Wardens

Proc sets in Elder Scrolls Online can make or break your combat experience. Whether you're looking to put down other players or support your allies with the power of nature, there's an awesome collection of sets for Wardens to choose from. Wardens, in particular, are some of the most versatile characters in the game. It only makes sense that the right choice in gear would have a pivotal impact on their play.

Here's everything you need to know to guard the great outdoors of Cyrodiil.

Best PvP Proc Sets for Wardens

1. Balorgh

This monsterset might not be the most popular in the game, but Balorgh's benefits for wardens are undeniable—especially if, like me, you've got werewolf on your bar. The first effect granted by this set is an additional 129 Spell and Weapon damage. The second is, upon using your ultimate ability, you gain additional weapon and spell damage equal to twice the amount of whatever ultimate you used. For werewolf players that's a whopping 600+ value. Using this set with the werewolf ability Hircine's Fortitude makes you nearly unstoppable. The helm drops from veteran March of Sacrifices and the shoulders can be obtained from Urgalag Chief-Bane's chest in the Undaunted camp.

2. Bloodspawn

You're still on the right article, don't worry. While you might have seen us recommend this set in our article aimed at nightblades, that isn't the only class this monsterset can be used for. Bloodspawn's goal is to keep you alive for as long as possible. It adds 129 Stamina Recovery and when you take damage, you'll get a 6% chance to generate 14 Ultimate and increase your Physical and Spell Resistance by 6450 for six seconds. This effect can happen once every six seconds. The helm drops from veteran dungeon Spindleclutch II and you can get the shoulders from Maj al-Ragath's chest in the Undaunted camp.

3. Warrior's Fury

A great set for glass canons or players who find themselves not hitting hard enough. Warrior's Fury has five pieces and can be found in Cyrodiil. It adds 1206 Maximum Health, 129 Stamina Recovery, and 129 Weapon Damage. Its final proc effect occurs whenever you take damage. Upon getting hit your Weapon Damage is increased by 30 for five seconds, stacking up to 20 times. Once you hit those 20 stacks the duration of the effect is doubled. This effect can happen once every half second, making this an incredibly dangerous set.

4. Bone Pirate's Tatters

Try not to get this one confused with the set we recommended for templars. Bone Pirate's Tatters takes advantage of an effect you should already be using when you're out in Cyrodiil. There are five pieces of this set and each one adds to your maximum stamina and stamina recovery, 2192 and 129, respectively. It's final effect only occurs if you're staying hydrated. While you have a drink buff active, your Maximum Stamina is increased by 2000 and your Stamina Recovery is increased by 150. With this set you'll have an enormous pool of resources to draw from which enables you to use your abilities more often. This set drops from the Blackheart Haven dungeon.

5. Necropotence

It wouldn't be far if this article was pitched exclusively at stamina-centric wardens, would it? Necropotence is a particularly popular set among spellcasters, but finds a decent home with lonely wardens, as well. There are five pieces total and each piece adds 1096 to your maximum magicka. The final effect is has is dependant on whether you have your pet—in this case, your bear—active. If the bear is around, your maximum magicka goes up by 3150. You can find this set in Rivenspire by doing delves, world bosses, the public dungeon, and running dark anchors.

Images courtesy of ZeniMax Online Studios, Jack O'Dwyer.