Evil Geniuses Announce Mixed-Gender Valorant Roster

Evil Geniuses Announce Mixed-Gender Valorant Roster
Evil Geniuses Announce Mixed-Gender Valorant Roster | Photo Courtesy of Evil Geniuses

Evil Geniuses made esports history on Jan. 27 by being one of the first major organizations to create a co-ed pro esports team and the first Valorant team featuring men and women. The announcement came through a Twitter post by Evil Geniuses. Mere hours announcing their roster, Evil Geniuses competed in the NSG Valorant Challengers Open Qualifiers. In the first round, they defeated MROrgless handily without losing a match in the best of three. This victory put them up against the formidable Serenity next who defeated the new Evil Geniuses. Due to the massive nature of the tournament, featuring dozens of teams, the games were not streamed, but Evil Geniuses will no doubt feature in future high profile tournaments.

The team features the following players:

Nolan “Temperature” Pepper

Aleksandar “aleksandar” Hinojosa

Ronan “Osias” Javelona

Claudia “Clawdia” Che

Christine “potter” Chi

Notable members of the team include Christine “potter” Chi who previously competed in the Counter-Strike scene as a player and analyst. Potter took home the Counter-Strike women’s world championship seven different times and is set to be the new team’s captain.

The CEO of Evil Geniuses, Nicole LaPointe Jameson, made a statement following the announcement of the roster.

“If you are the best of the best, you have a home here at @Evilgeniuses.”

This message has been met with a generally positive reception by the esports community, garnering nearly five thousand likes on Twitter. In the past Evil Geniuses has lived this message as well, signing players like Dominique “SonicFox” McLean, the legendary non-binary fighting game champion. SonicFox has been crowned EVO champion five different times on four different fighting game franchises.