Ex-FaZe Clan Member Says He'll Pay Back Scammed Fans

Kay says he wants to make amends after the SaveTheKids scandal.
Kay says he wants to make amends after the SaveTheKids scandal. / Photo courtesy of Kay

Ex-FaZe Clan member Frazier "Kay" Khattri has released a video explaining his side of the scandal that saw him excommunicated from FaZe Clan for allegedly scamming fans using a cryptocurrency called SaveTheKids.

The scandal in question took place in June, when several members of FaZe Clan participated in what appeared to be a pump and dump scheme with the charity-based cryptocurrency. FaZe ultimately suspended several of the offending members and kicked Kay out of the group entirely.

In his new video, Kay blames the scheme on his partner, internet personality Sam Pepper, saying his own ignorance about cryptocurrency made him and his fans vulnerable to Pepper's manipulation.

"I've been having to bite my tongue for this whole month while we collect all the evidence," Kay says in the video's opening moments. "I would never in a million years, on purpose, intentionally, try to harm, take advantage, or scam anybody. I am no crypto mastermind, all right? I am literally a content creator, and I trusted the wrong people and it's led to this disaster that I'm in.

"I am genuinely so sorry that any of this ever happened. It was never my intention, and if I could take it back I would, instantly. In a heartbeat."

Over the course of the video, Kay apologizes frequently and maintains his innocence. He says no one involved with SaveTheKids made any profit from the endeavor, except for Pepper. Kay says he personally lost around $37,000. He also says he wants to pay back anyone who bought into the SaveTheKids cryptocurrency, providing a dedicated email address people can use to contact him for reimbursement.

As for the charity portion of SaveTheKids, Kay provides a screenshot in the video that he says shows the money set aside for Binance Lunch for Children did eventually reach the charity, which provides meals for schoolchildren in Uganda. Kay says he also plans to donate the ad revenue from the video and whatever crypto he has left.

"This experience has been the biggest regret and reset of my entire life," he says.

"I've been playing this FaZe Kay character for quite some time now, and at some point it really did get out of hand, and it was not me anymore. I just want to go back to being the real Frazier, so I'm just going to be taking this time to go back to my roots and just work on myself for a while."