Fans Are Review Bombing Apex Legends to Get Respawn to Fix Issues

Image courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

The 'hit 'em where it hurts' tactic is starting to affect the Apex Legends Steam review scores.

Apex Legends has grown into one of the best battle royale games to emerge in the last few years. With a strong community, the game's popularity has been echoed by its consistently positive Steam reviews. Lately, though, they've taken a bit of a dip in a bid to bring Respawn's attention to the growing unrest.

Like most online multiplayer games out there, Apex Legends has seen its fair share of bugs and issues. In the last few weeks alone, more and more issues seem to have stacked up. Coupled with server problems and game crashes, fans have recently been reporting instances where audio cuts out completely. All of these issues bundled together has been wearing thin on the Apex community, who have made numerous pleas to Respawn to fix the issues for good.

Fans Are Review Bombing Apex Legends to Get Respawn to Fix Issues

The latest actions have seen players review bombing the game on Steam in order to bring Respawn's attention to the mounting issues. Apex Legends has mostly sat on 'positive' reviews, but in recent weeks the rating has dipped to 'mixed.' The overall rating still remains within the 'very positive' tag on Steam but the recent influx of negative reviews has clearly made a dent on game's score.

Fans are hoping that this tactic will force Respawn to take action but, with developers hard at work preparing for the next season, it's likely we won't see any changes until then. It's a fickle situation; with so many battle royales on the market, retaining a player base can be particularly critical. At the same time, almost all of the similar online multiplayers have their own issues occuring which means players are hard-pressed to find a fully 'clean' game. By fixing up the game fully, though, Respawn could be in a great position to make Apex one of the best. In the meantime, fans will have likely have to wait until the start of the next season before we see any major changes.

Apex Legends Season 11 is set to go live early November.