FFAR 1 vs FARA 83 Warzone: Which is Better?

Where do you drop most often?
Where do you drop most often? / Photo courtesy of Activision

FFAR 1 vs. FARA 83 Warzone: which is better? Season 2 of Call of Duty: Warzone introduced the FARA 83 assault rifle to the battlefield, and a quick glance at its stats would lead one to believe that it would dominate in Verdansk.

While it packs a punch in a close-to-mid range fight, its shortcomings start to shine at long range.
Likewise, the FFAR 1 has similar uses, so we'll be assessing the two rifles to see which one is the better choice for Warzone. These comparisons are all made before attachments are added.

FFAR 1 vs FARA 83 Warzone: Which is Better?

The two assault rifles actually are not that far off from one another in some regards, but key differences for situational combat separate their efficiencies. For example, the movement speed for both rifles is nearly identical.

  • FFAR 1 movement speed - 4.69 m/s
  • FARA 83 movement speed - 4.67 m/s

Although movement speed slightly favors the FARA, ADS (aim down sight) speed and reload speed favor the FFAR, making it the more agile weapon choice.

  • FFAR 1 ADS Speed - 238ms
  • FARA 83 ADS Speed - 296ms
  • FFAR 1 Reload Speed - 2.48s
  • FARA 83 Speed - 3.17s

It's clear that the FFAR is the better choice for those who like to be constantly in motion across Verdansk. The FARA's ADS speed is not only outclassed by the FFAR's, it's one of the slowest ADS speeds for an assault rifle in the game.

Another similarity, each weapon's shots to knock an opponent are identical. A fully armored opponent for both weapons takes six headshots to down them. The FARA does win the damage per bullet output to the head, as it does 49 vs. the FFAR's 45. The body shot damage of both weapons is 33 per bullet, but the damage drop off is in favor of the FFAR.

  • FFAR 1 Damage Drop Off - 36m
  • FARA 83 Damage Drop Off - 22m

Very rarely would a player run into a situation where the four damage difference significantly impacts the outcome in favor of the FARA, and that's because of the fire rate.

  • FFAR 1 Rate of Fire - 900 RPM
  • FARA 83 Rate of Fire - 790 RPM

Brining us to the last level of comparison - time to kill. When the fire rate and damage output are calculated together, the FFAR will outclass the FARA almost every time. The only exception is if a FARA user hits all headshots while the FFAR user hits body shots.

  • FFAR 1 Headshot TTK - 333ms
  • FARA 83 Headshot TTK - 380ms
  • FFAR 1 Chest TTK - 467ms
  • FARA 83 Chest TTK - 532 ms

Maybe you prefer the recoil patterns of the FARA after attachments are added, or have found a better use for it than what is broken down here. Although the FARA is still a strong weapon, the FFAR is without a doubt the better weapon of choice for those players who are after mobile, high kill games.