FIFA 20 Pitch Notes Add Major Gameplay Changes in Title Update 4

FIFA 20 Pitch Notes were posted Tuesday with a multitude of changes coming in Title Update 4.

Leading the way in the update are changes to Career Mode, FIFA Ultimate Team, and most importantly, gameplay. Fans complained since the game's release that gameplay felt slow and unresponsive. It's a change of pace from FIFA 19's fast, and at sometimes, broken. Regardless, major changes came through in Title Update 4.

Here's everything you need to know about the latest FIFA 20 patch.

FIFA 20 Pitch Notes Add Major Gameplay Changes in Title Update 4

Here's a full list of gameplay changes. Buckle up, there's a lot.


  • Improved the CPU AI Controlled Player’s ability to mark a player that is Strafe Dribbling.
  • Improved the CPU AI Controlled Player’s ability to apply defensive pressure to the opponent's ball carrier.
  • Improved the CPU AI Controlled Player’s passing logic by allowing it to make smarter decisions when passing.
  • When the CPU AI Controlled Player performs Step Over Skill Moves they should be more aware of the defenders.
  • The CPU AI Controlled Player will use the functionality of the new Free Kick system more effectively.
  • Improved the CPU AI Controlled Player’s crossing logic to allow them to make a better decision between making crosses versus dribbling.
  • Improved the CPU AI Controlled Player’s ability to make more precise dribbles.
  • Improved the CPU AI Controlled Player’s decision making process when attacking, specifically in situations in which it should wait for more teammates to join the attack before taking action.
  • Increased the likelihood of the CPU AI Controlled Player performing green timed shots.
  • Improved the CPU AI Controlled Player’s ability to mark players overlapping players near the wing, specifically by not switching to another teammate if the defender is already close to the ball.
  • Reduced the likelihood of the CPU AI Controlled Player performing Fake Shots in some incorrect situations.

Skill Moves

  • Increased the responsiveness of the Body Feint Skill Move when performing it while standing still.
  • The Advanced Rainbow can now only be performed by 5 Star Skill Move players.
  • The Ball Roll into Heel Chop Skill Move combination will now require the player to have 4 Star Skill Moves.
  • Players will now be able to use the new Heel Chop Turn Skill Move combo in combination with other Skill Moves, such as a Ball Roll.
  • Increased the likelihood that error will impact multiple Fake Shots chained while sprinting, specifically when they’re chained at a 45 degree angle in either direction.
  • Reduced exit speed when performing the Drag Back Skill Move at a 180 degree angle.

Other Changes

  • Scoring an own goal in King Of The Hill, when the goal is worth 0 points, will now result in your opponent getting a corner kick.
  • When playing with 4-3-2-1, one of the attacking players would be incorrectly positioned at a corner flag during a kick-off.
  • Some instances of incorrect offside calls where the player that was called offside was not actually involved in the play.
  • Sometimes it was taking too long for the user controlled player to perform a shot or pass following the user’s input.
  • Players were sometimes taking too long to perform a shot after performing a knock on dribble.
  • Some situations where it was taking too long to register a player as being in control of the ball.
  • Rarely, in situations where an opposing player was very close to the user controlled player, attempting to make a pass would not register.
  • After a strong challenge, the user controlled player would sometimes visually react, causing them to not be able to take part in the play until that reaction had ended.
  • Increased the likelihood that a goalkeeper will gather the ball after performing a slide into a ball carriers’ feet.
  • Sometimes the goalkeeper attempted a diving save in situations that did not warrant it.
  • Some situations where goalkeepers were incorrectly rushing out of the box in order to get to the ball but then deciding to go back to their goal.
  • Goalkeepers were sometimes having the ball knocked out of their hands due to contact from a teammate.
  • When a goalkeeper was throwing the ball to a player, sometimes an unintended player would get selected by Player Switching and would then need to chase after the ball.
  • When in a contested situation, goalkeepers will be less likely to be impacted by physical contact between them and other players.
  • Goalkeepers were performing incorrect animations in some situations when attempting to react to a headed ball that was directed toward the ground.
  • When playing locked to the goalkeeper, such as in Pro Clubs, sometimes the keeper would be incorrectly facing away from the ball.
  • When playing locked to the goalkeeper, such as in Pro Clubs, sometimes the keeper would be incorrectly standing in a high urgency stance.
  • Incorrect animations were sometimes occurring in contested heading and contested passing situations.
  • Players sometimes running in place when attempting to move towards the ball.
  • Some situations where the player was approaching the ball, in an effort to take control of it, and was facing in an incorrect direction.
  • Some situations where the animation of a player taking control of the ball would result in the ball being directed slightly differently than the user’s directional input.
  • Improved some situations where the incorrect animation was occurring when a player approached the ball in an attempt to control it.
  • Players were taking too long to retake control of the ball following a Let Ball Run action.
  • Players were sometimes running over the ball after pressing the Shoot Button, and had to go back to control it before taking a shot.
  • Players were sometimes losing control of the ball when a first time pass or shot got cancelled or interrupted.
  • Doing a Rainbow Flick followed by a Chip Shot attempt will no longer result in the player performing a 180 degree turn after they regain control of the ball.
  • Sometimes when performing a Ball Roll Skill Move, the ball would unintentionally make contact with the player's foot and the player would lose control of the ball.
  • When attempting to perform a Drag Back, the player was sometimes performing a 180 degree dribble turn instead.
  • Sometimes players were losing control of the ball in the middle of performing a Skill Move.
  • Players could sometimes jump higher than their Jumping Attribute should have allowed.
  • When taking an Early/Red Timed Finishing shot, the ball speed of the shot was sometimes too high.
  • When playing a match with multiple User Controlled Players on the same team, the controller indicators were sometimes displaying the wrong color.
  • Rarely, following a free kick, the free kick taker would freeze in place.
  • Players with the Set Play Specialist Trait were having their aiming reticule move slower than player's without this trait.

Check out more information on the patch regarding Ultimate Team and Career Mode.

FIFA 20 Title Update 4 is now live on PC with it coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One at a later date, according to EA Sports.

Photo courtesy of EA Sports