FIFA 22 Community TOTS: 5 Best Cards

The Community TOTS is live now in FIFA 22 for a limited time.
The Community TOTS is live now in FIFA 22 for a limited time. / Photo Courtesy of EA Sports

The Community TOTS in now live in FIFA 22. The Community TOTS was voted on by players, out of 100 nominees who received no more than one performance-based special card throughout FIFA 22.

There are plenty of great cards in this year's Community TOTS, but here are our five favorites.

FIFA 22 Community TOTS: 5 Best Cards

5. Serge Gnabry (RM, Bayern: 92-Rated)

Gnabry continues to get better each year since his arrival at Bayern. Despite a slightly down year compared to 2020, Gnabry still performed well enough to earn a TOTS card. His TOTS is 92-rated, with 94 pace and driblling. With his pace and dribbling, as well as great traits and links around the Bundesliga, Gnabry can be a solid option on the wing for many teams to start TOTS.

4. Fred (CDM, Manchester United: 91-Rated

One of the few shining points of Manchester United's dissapointing season, Fred has earned his first TOTS card in FIFA. His card is above 80 in all stats, and with high/high work rates, he can be one of the better box-to-box midfield options in the Premier League. For those who need a defensive midfielder who could win the ball back and push it up field himself, TOTS Fred is great, especially with his boost to five-star skills and 92 dribbling.

3. Aymeric Laporte (CB, Manchester City: 94 Rated)

It may sound surprising, but Aymeric Laporte only received one special performance-based item in FIFA 22, a TOTW from all the way back in TOTW 15 from December. He has played extremely well for Manchester City, who are still in the race for both the Champions League and Premier League Titles. Laporte's TOTS is a hefty upgrade over his Showdown card, with 90 pace, 94 defending and 93 physical. His passing and dribbling are also great for a CB, so he is easily up there with the best center backs from both Spain and the Premier League. Expect to see him in a few Weekend League squads over the next month.

2. Wilfred Zaha (LF, Crystal Palace: 92 Rated)

One of the more popular cards in FUT each year over the last few FIFA titles, Wilfred Zaha has received a TOTS for the second consecutive year, and this one is even better than the previous TOTS item. Zaha is one of the best dribblers in the Premier League, and his 97 dribbling rating on his TOTS showcases that. With 98 pace and dangerous five-star skill moves, he was already hard enough to play against. However, now he can finally hit the ball with his left foot, being upgraded to a four-star weak foot. This card is lethal, and will be in squad rotations for the remainder of the game cycle. If you pack him and love skill moves, this card will be your new favorite.

1. Luis Suárez (ST, Atletico Madrid: 96 Rated)

The highest-rated player released in the Community TOTS, Luis Suárez continues to shine in LaLiga even at 35 years old. In FIFA, he has had some mental cards over the years, even having a 99-rated card in FIFA 18 and a few TOTY items as well. This year's annual Suarez TOTS has an upgraded five-star weak foot with four-star skill moves, as well as top-tier shooting stats at 97-rated. With his pace boost, passing, dribbling and of course physicality, TOTS Suárez can play anywhere in the attack, and chomp his way through defenses throughout the remainder of FIFA 22.