FIFA 22 Future Stars Tracker: Full List of Tokens

FUT 22 Future Stars
FUT 22 Future Stars / Photo Courtesy of EA Sports

The Future Stars Promotion in FIFA 22 is now live and features the popular token swaps system that features in Icon Swaps as well as in the Winter Wildcards promo. EA made select tokens available prior to the beginning of the promo this year, and in total, has released 15 Future Stars swap tokens.

Here's the full list of Future Stars swap tokens that have been released so far in FUT, as well as which ones are still available. Sahil, or @Criminal__x on Twitter, created a helpful guide for tracking the tokens released during the promotion.

FIFA 22 Future Stars Tracker: Full List of Tokens

Here are all of the tokens that have been released so far in FIFA 22 Future Stars, as well as how you attain each one.

  1. Swap Token 1: Free Token upon log-in.
  2. Swap Token 2: Maldini Loan SBC
  3. Swap Token 3: Challenge SBC - expired
  4. Swap Token 4: Challenge SBC - expired
  5. Swap Token 5: Year in Review Objective
  6. Swap Token 6: Challenge SBC - expired
  7. Swap Token 7: Challenge SBC - expired
  8. Swap Token 8: Silver Star's Objective
  9. Swap Token 9: Challenge SBC - expired
  10. Swap Token 10: Marquee Matchups (Expired)
  11. Swap Token 11: Challenge SBC - expired
  12. Swap Token 12: FS Chalobah Objective
  13. Swap Token 13: Challenge SBC (Expired)
  14. Swap Token 14: Squad Battles Gold 3 (expired)
  15. Swap Token 15: Challenge SBC (Expired
  16. Swap Token 16: Future Stars Fever Objective (Expired
  17. Swap Token 17: Future Stars SBC Challenge (Expired
  18. Swap Token 18: Future Stars SBC Challenge (Expired)
  19. Swap Token 19: Pedrinho Silver Stars Objective (Expired)
  20. Swap Token 20: Marquee Matchups SBC (Expired)
  21. Swap Token 21: Future Stars SBC Challenge (Expired)
  22. Swap Token 22: Future Stars Foundation Pack (In-Store, Exp. Feb. 18)
  23. Swap Token 23: Future Stars SBC Challenge (Expired)
  24. Swap Token 24: Future Stars SBC Challenge (Expired)
  25. Swap Token 25: Future Stars Rush Objective (Expired)
  26. Swap Token 26: Future Stars SBC Challenge (Expired)
  27. Swap Token 27: Silver Stars Objective (Exp. Feb. 23)
  28. Swap Token 28: Nunes Future Stars Objective (Exp. Mar. 30)
  29. Swap Token 29: Marquee Matchups (Feb. 24)

The only tokens still available are the first if you have yet to claim it for free, token 2, token 5, token 12, token 22, token 25, token 27, token 28, and token 29. All of the others have expired already and will not be claimable again. You can now exchange any tokens you currently have in the Swaps tab for Future Stars rewards in SBCs.

Stay tuned as we update this list will all of the remaining tokens as they are released.