FIFA 22 Pro Clubs Changes Detailed

Photo by EA SPORTS

FIFA 22 is very close to being released and one of the more updated game modes of this year's game seems to be FIFA Pro Clubs.

Pro Clubs is the game where you can create a character just like how you would in career mode, but in this mode, you can take your character and challenge yourself versus other people online. In the past year's games, you would only be able to use your character in online drop-ins or in a club with your friends.

In this year's game, many changes have been made to the mode and fans are excited that Pro Clubs could be getting a long awaited revamp that could rejuvenate the love for a great mode.

EA Sports released a deep dive into the pitch notes for all the changes that are being implemented into this year's version of the mode.

The first new addition to the mode that is mentioned is drop-ins with your friends. In previous years, playing with your friends outside of your own club was difficult. It was a long process where you had to hope that you and your friend queued up at the same time. In this year's game, EA is giving you the ability to load into a drop-in game with your friends without working to hard.

Another important addition to the game is Perks. In their deep dive, EA states that, "Perks are a new way to improve your Virtual Pro, allowing you to refine your Play Style further."

FIFA 22 Pro Clubs Perks
Photo by EA SPORTS

With this new feature, you will be able to have three perks equipped that will help the performance of your Virtual Pro. In total, once you reach a maximum level of 25, you will be to choose three out 26 perks for your Virtual Pro.

EA stated that these perks fit into four different categories that correspond to positional groups across the whole field. Those categories are Attacking, Chance Creation, Defensive, and Goalkeeping.

Also in the deep dive, EA mentioned the new way improve your Virtual Pro. Player Growth has received a new way of leveling up that should make things more visually pleasing for those that always wondered the specifics on how or why your player was leveling up as much as it would.

With this new system, you are able to level up all the way to a max level of 25. EA states that, "Gameplay actions performed during a match and the match rating of your Virtual Pro contribute to the final XP gained for that match."

This new way of leveling up and gaining XP makes it so that almost everything you do on the pitch has a potential to help you level up.

With these new changes, the future of Pro Clubs seems to be in great hands.