FIFA 23 Career Mode New Features Explained

Kai Havertz in FIFA 23
Kai Havertz in FIFA 23 / Photo Courtesy of EA Sports

EA Sports have revealed the newest trailer for FIFA 23, detailing the Player and Manager career modes. Career mode is a popular feature in FIFA titles, allowing you to take control of a player or entire club as manager, and over the last few years, it hasn't received too many changes.

It appears that EA Sports have implemented plenty of new features in Career mode, including cutscenes, a new interface, and more. Here are all of the new FIFA 23 Career Mode features explained.

FIFA 23 Career Mode: New Menu Interface

To start, EA Sports developers have introduced a new menu for both Player and Manager Career Mode. The new menu streamlines all of the important features in career mode into a more organized menu. Scouts and the Youth Academy, for example, feature in the transfers tab, while the My Pro menu in Player career mode includes the new Personality feature tab, player growth, and other key features of the mode.

FIFA 23 Career Mode: Playable Highlights

Playable highlights allow you to only play the key highlights in a match if you cannot play the full 90-mins of football. This features changes in each game based on AI, so you'll likely receive unique Playable Highlights each game, allowing you to jump in and change the outcome of games for your team.

FIFA 23 Career Mode: Dynamic Moments

Dynamic Moments feature all the new cinematics and cutscenes for off-the-pitch actions. In Manager Career mode, there are now more cutscenes for player arrivals to the club, including interviews and meeting new teammates and the new manager. More immersion with cutscenes is something that's been asked for in the FIFA Career Mode community for a long time, and it looks like EA will finally be implementing more into the mode.

FIFA 23 Career Mode: Player Personality

Player Personality is one of the newest features available exclusively in Player Career Mode. There are three new personality types:

  • Maverick: Seek Stardom, Aggresively chase goals and glory on and off the pitch
  • Virtuoso: Skillfull and Intelligent, Technique changes matches
  • Hearbeat: Heartbeat of the team, lead by example on and off the pitch

Each personality can be influenced by decisions made on and off the pitch, such as making the extra pass or tackle needed to decide a game or going for goal with an open teammate. There's also off the field options that change your personality, from buying a new sports car to visiting an injured teammate in the hospital.

FIFA 23 Career Mode: Authentic Managers

Authentic Managers in FIFA 23 / Photo Courtesy of EA Sports

New to Manager Career Mode is the ability to take control of clubs with an authentic manager from the Football World. Say that you want to control Real Madrid and help them repeat as Champions League Winners in the new season, but you don't want to fire Carlo Ancelotti. You can now take control of Madrid and run the club as Ancelotti himself. It's unclear how many Authentic managers are available in the mode, but the trailer features the following Managers:

  • Carlo Ancelotti, Real Madrid
  • Antonio Conte, Tottenham
  • Pep Guardiola, Manchester City
  • Thomas Tuchel, Chelsea
  • Patrick Viera, Crystal Palace
  • Steven Gerrard, Aston Villa

You can also use the Authentic Managers at other clubs, including created ones, giving you new ideas about how managers would perform in new places. If you want to bring Pep Guardiola back to Barcelona or Bayern Munich as manager, you can authentically do so in FIFA 23 Career mode.

FIFA 23 Career Mode: Transfer Window Evaluation

The new Transfer Evaluation feature is meant to improve player experience in Manager Career mode during the Transfer Windows. After making a transfer, the gameplay trailer shows a new screen post-player agreement showing the new tranfer, and giving you a grade for the transfer as well. It's meant to show how that player can fit into your squad, and how much value you got or lost for the price you paid.

This can be helpful for players looking to learn about the importance of player prices, and how factors such as player form, age, and prestige can influence their price tag.