FIFA Mobile Manager Mode: Everything You Need to Know

Image Courtesy of EA Sports

Here's everything you need to know about FIFA Mobile's Manager Mode.

FIFA Mobile has launched its Manager Mode. FIFA Mobile has been very successful since its release in January, with over 100 Million downloads on the Google play store alone. Manager Mode stands to attract more players to the greatest game on grass, expanding further on the mobile game's product offering.

To see the official trailer, have a look at the YouTube video below.

FIFA Mobile Manager Mode: Everything You Need to Know

FIFA Mobile's Manager mode is almost fully automated. Think of it as a mobile version of FIFA Ultimate Team without the gamer's direct intervention. The focus of FIFA Mobile's Manager Mode is more strategic, but of course, it is not totally hands-off. The manager is able to make key strategic changes as the match unfolds by changing the tactics that their team pursues.

Tactics control different facets of the team's performance, namely, Attacking, Control, Counter, and Defensive. Within each preset category, different managing decisions can be made in order to get different results. For instance, within the Attacking category, users can control their team's speed, passing range, mentality, and positioning. The same is true for the other preset tactics.

Similar to FUT, Mobile Manager offers gamers the opportunity to buy and sell player cards on the transfer market. Mobile Manager also offers the chance for managers to earn players and perks through their own promotions, as well as advance through different divisions based on their team's performance. For more detailed information about the criteria for advancement, check out EA's helpful guide.