FIFA Pro Clubs Community Angry Over No Crossplay in FIFA 23

FIFA 23 will introduce crossplay in most game modes for the first time in FIFA history.
FIFA 23 will introduce crossplay in most game modes for the first time in FIFA history. / Photo Courtesy of EA Sports

EA Sports revealed that for the first time in FIFA history, crossplay will be available in FIFA 23, allowing players to play one another across any platform. The feature was first revealed in the backend of FIFA 22 when players were allowed to toggle a crossplay setting that let them play against other platform players in online seasons and exhibitions.

The feature was a promising one for most fans, however, one fanbase in the FIFA community was left with a sour taste in their mouths. While cross-play will be available in most online game modes, it will be excluded from the Pro Clubs mode.

Pro Clubs is a mode in FIFA that allows you to team up with friends to create your own club, with your own custom players, and compete in seasons online against other created clubs. It has gained hype over the past few years as content creators have jumped into the game mode together and created their own clubs. However, for those who play Pro Clubs more frequently, the news of no crossplay is an outrage.

TheVFL_, a page on Twitter dedicated to the Pro-Clubs game mode, released a statement on July 20 that has picked up plenty of attention in the FIFA community.

"We demand an explanation as to why you have yet again opted to overlook and bypass Pro Clubs from your crossplay game modes," the opening of the statement reads."

TheVFL_ decided to step up as a leader for the community and demand answers from EA about the Pro Clubs mode receiving little attention over the years. "As a community leader that has put 10 years into the game mode, I feel the time has come to be a leader in asking the very public and direct questions to EA Sports in why yet again, for another year, our game mode we love and play has been ignored."

Pro Clubs players have watched as the big money maker for EA Sports, FIFA Ultimate Team, gains all attention and updates each year. The VFL_ points out that the Pro Clubs game mode is dying, and for some, FIFA 23 may be the last chance for them to gain that spark back for the mode. #SaveProClubs is now trending in the FIFA community, however, it's unclear if EA will respond to the attention.

As TheVFL_ explained, more money is earned for EA Sports from the FUT game mode. However, it isn't fair for that hype for FUT to come at the expense of a game mode that could be much better if given half the attention of FUT.