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Final Fantasy 14 Faces Ongoing Server Issues

Image courtesy of Square Enix

Final Fantasy 14 has continued to struggle with server issues since the launch of its latest expansion, Endwalker.

Server issues for MMORPGs like Final Fantasy 14 are to be expected, particularly when a new, large expansion is set to drop. Square Enix themselves anticipated the demand, going as far to warn players ahead of launch that there will likely be congestion. What perhaps wasn't as anticipated were ongoing server issues almost a week after launch.

Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker launched on Dec. 7, since then many players have struggled to log on. With its increase in popularity in recent months, long queue times for Worlds have become a common occurance. Since its release, and as an apology to those who experienced congestion over the game's early access weekend, Final Fantasy 14 Director and Producer Naoki Yoshida offered players seven days of free game time.

In the blog post in which this was announced, Yoshida outlined some of the reasons for the congestion. However, as log-in issues continue to persist, Yoshida once again took to the forums to explain the work that the team are doing to fix the problems.

"It has been eight days since the start of Early Access, but we are still experiencing congestion and apologize for the inconvenience associated with this." the post read. "Likewise, we continue to see large numbers of players accessing the game over the weekend, although the peak numbers are slightly lower than last weekend and players logging in are gradually dispersing into the other time slots."

The post goes on to discuss some of the causes of the errors that players might be experiencing, particulary Error 2002. This error seems to crop up when a queue is at its maximum and a new player attempts to join. It can also be related to instability in a player's Wi-Fi connection.

In addition, the post also addressed why adding new Worlds just wasn't a logistical option. "Please rest assured that our Development/Operations teams will put everything into easing congestion and ensuring stable operations. Due to the shortage of semiconductors generated by the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, we unfortunately cannot expect to add new Worlds immediately, but we will continue to take the best measures we can."

As frustrating as congestion can be, players can rest assured knowing that the team is hard at work addressing the problem. All it takes now is a bit of patience.