Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker Expansion: Latest Details

Here's a breakdown of what we know so far about the FFXIV: Endwalker expansion.
Here's a breakdown of what we know so far about the FFXIV: Endwalker expansion. / Photo courtesy of Square Enix

With the launch of Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker steadily approaching, producer and director Naoki Yoshida and Square Enix have been ramping things up with a recent media tour.

In addition to a near six-hour and 14-minute long livestream hosted by Yoshida as part of the 66th installment of his "Letter from the Producer" series, Square Enix has not been shy in sharing their excitement for the FFXIV's direction, especially given the fact that it is now the most profitable title in Final Fantasy franchise history.

Here's a breakdown of what we know so far about the FFXIV: Endwalker expansion, as detailed by Yoshida during his most recent livestream, and those in the media who've been able to play a preview version of it early.

The expansion will chart the end of the Hydaelyn and Zodiark arc that stretches back to 2010, even before Yoshida and Square Enix first relaunched the Final Fantasy MMORPG in 2013 with "A Realm Reborn." Endwalker will send players to the far reaches of Hydaelyn and even to the moon to complete the story, cleaning the slate for a new chapter to begin.

In terms of new content, along the way, players will have the chance to try out several new jobs, including a mecha-inspired barrier healer one called Sage, and a speedy and powerful melee DPS one called Reaper.

There is also a breadth of new areas such as the city of Radz-at-Han, and — according to PlayStation.Blog — several lore-established areas that FFXIV players have long been waiting to explore, from Old Sharlayan, to Thavnair and Garlemalda.

Additionally, Endwalker will introduce a new level cap at 90, a male variant of the fan-favorite Viera race, a wealth of raids, dungeons, challenges, and more.

As far as updated gameplay features go, in general, existing jobs will be adjusted in Endwalker, continuing the direction from where they are in Shadowbringers. Recast of primary abilities will be adjusted to align with 60 or 120 second timers.

From tweaks to the battle system to HQ Item Removal changes, plenty of updates are coming to the title, as recapped in-depth by Nova Crystallis.

As initially announced back in February, FFXIV: Endwalker is set to officially release this fall for PC, Mac, PlayStation 5 and PS4 on Nov. 23, 2021, with early access opening up on Nov. 19 for those who pre-order it.