Firework Flare Gun Challenge in Fortnite Explained

Image Courtesy of No Sweat Insurance

The Fortnite Fireworks Flare gun challenge may be best explained as: almost as simple as it sounds.

The Fireworks Flare gun challenge is a quest that is part of the No Sweat Product Recall Quests, which are taking place from July 28 to Aug. 3. The Product Recall Quests are the final iteration of the No Sweat Summer branded challenges, which offer gamers XP and cosmetic rewards for completing tasks on behalf of No Sweat Insurance, the Fortnite Island's best-known coverage provider.

Firework Flare Gun Challenge in Fortnite Explained

As you can tell from Fortnite quest guru Perfect Score's YouTube clip above, the matter is simple. Participating players must first find a Fireworks Flare Gun, available wherever loot may be found. Then, it's simply a matter of traveling to either Mighty Monument, or Tilted Towers, just as the text on the game's challenges screen states. Once there, the willing player needs only to pull the trigger, in order to earn 15,000 XP.

A word of caution. Just like its predecessor the Flare gun, the Fireworks Flare gun will reveal potential combatants lurking near buy. The fireworks, as dazzling as they may be, will also serve to alert these potential foes to your whereabouts.