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Flazko Madden 22 Sliders: How Do They Work?

Photo by EA Sports

Madden NFL 22 has been a fan favorite straight from release and a continuation of one of the most historic sports game franchises of all time.

In Madden NFL 22, you can adjust the in-game "sliders" to make the overall gameplay change in many different aspects like refereeing, injuries, penalties, and core gameplay mechanics.

A Madden NFL 22 user named Flazko has created a set of sliders to try to make the game feel as real as possible.

The way sliders work is by adjusting the frequency of core mechanics. For example, you can increase how overall QB accuracy is effected on a consistent basis. Meaning you can make all Quarterbacks' accuracy go down in consistency.

In Flazko's sliders, he changes practically every core mechanic in order to get the video game to feel as realistic as possible. In a couple of instances, he actually increases the amount of penalties called and more specifically the amount offside penalties that are called.

Once his sliders are imported and saved, the game will start to reflect the style of gameplay that you asked for. Although it will most likely never be possible to replicate real life football, Flazko has given it the best possible shot to try and do so.