Florian Kainz FIFA 22: How to Complete the Winter Wildcard SBC

1. FC Köln v VfB Stuttgart - Bundesliga
1. FC Köln v VfB Stuttgart - Bundesliga / Lars Baron/GettyImages

For today's daily Winter Wildcard SBC in FIFA 22, EA Sports has dropped a special Florian Kainz SBC. The FC Köln winger looks like a solid left-mid in the Bundesliga and can provide a boost to your German league team in FIFA.

Here's how to complete the Kainz Winter Wildcard SBC in FIFA 22.

Florian Kainz FIFA 22: Winter Wildcard SBC Requirements

Kainz's Winter Wildcard SBC requires just one squad segment to complete with the following requirements:

  • Bundesliga players: Min. 1
  • Players from TOTW: Min. 1
  • Team Overall Rating: Min. 84
  • Team Chemistry: Min. 75

The SBC will cost between 20,000 and 30,000 coins within the current FUT market.

Florian Kainz FIFA 22: Winter Wildcard Stats

Florian Kainz has five-star weak foot and four-star skill moves, with high/medium work rates, a lean body type, and the technical dribbler and Set Play specialist traits. He has been upgraded to the following face stats:

  • Pace: 86
  • Shooting: 85
  • Passing: 83
  • Dribbling: 87
  • Defending: 48
  • Physical: 72

Kainz would make for a solid CAM in the Bundesliga with his five-star weak foot and four-star skills. His 95 agility and 90 balance rating is good, and you can improve his dribbling with a chemistry style targeting his composure and reactions to make him harder to tackle the ball from. His passing is okay, and can be improved as well — with a Maestro chemistry style, he will be good for your team.

Florian Kainz
1. FSV Mainz 05 v 1. FC Köln - Bundesliga / Alex Grimm/GettyImages

In addition, while his team's strong links are lacking, Kainz links to players outside of the Bundesliga including Arnautovic Rulebreakers and David Alaba's inform/OTW card. With decent stats, hybrid ability to link, and good value at 25,000 coins, this SBC is an okay value, but you wouldn't miss out on much if you did pass on him.

How Long is the SBC Available?

Kainz's Winter Wildcard SBC is available until Thursday, Dec. 30.