FNAF: Security Breach All Endings Explained

"Gregory must uncover the secrets of the Pizzaplex, learn the truth, and survive until dawn."
"Gregory must uncover the secrets of the Pizzaplex, learn the truth, and survive until dawn." / Image courtesy of Steel Wool Studios

In Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach, there are six known endings that players can receive depending on their exit-route choice, progress in discovering certain areas, and if they were able to clear certain side objectives.

They all range in a rating spectrum of one to three stars, as well as result in different outcomes in terms of who out of the characters survive and how much lore is revealed. Here's a breakdown of all of the endings in FNAF: Security Breach.

FNAF: Security Breach All Endings Explained

At 6 a.m. in the survival horror video game, the Pizzaplex opens, giving players several options on when and how they want to leave.

The first opportunity to do so is at the front entrance, where Freddy gives Gregory the option to runaway, or stay and investigate the other areas with the Party Pass.

Leaving here gives players the 1-star "bad" ending. Gregory and Freddy acknowledge that nothing will change regarding the Pizzaplex's horrors. Due to Freddy's inability to survive outside due to his built-in safety precaution, he maintains that he must stay behind. Gregory runs off and sleeps in an alley, but is soon found by Vanny and presumably killed.

Another pretty superficial, but happier outcome is the "good" ending. Players must have Level 7 clearance, go to the loading docks exit by the kitchen, and leave. Freddy and Gregory escape the Pizzaplex using the van from Freddy and Friends on Tour, mowing down help bots and smashing signs on the way out without a care in the world. On the road sometime later, Freddy runs out of power. Gregory uses the van's battery to recharge him and they both drive off into the sunset.

The most unclear ending to get thus far is the "unmasked" ending. A 2-star rated outcome, Freddy lights the Pizzaplex on fire before he and Gregory run up to the roof. Soon enough, Gregory gets grabbed by Vanny, but is freed by Freddy, who tackles Vanny off of the roof and sacrifices himself in the process. Before hitting the ground, Freddy says goodbye to Gregory. Gregory rushes to the ground floor and finds both Freddy and Vanny knocked out. Gregory unmasks Vanny to discover that Vanessa was in the suit.

Up next are a pair of two Vanny-centered endings that occur when players select the "Vanny" option instead of exiting.

Choosing the Vanny option takes away players' ability to call Freddy and locks them into a linear chase sequence ends that ends at the Fazer Blast security office, aka Vanny’s hideout. Here, players will be able to press a button to get the "disassembled" ending or beat the Princess Quest III arcade game for the "savior" ending.

In the "disassembled" ending, Vanny corners Gregory, who soon uses a tablet to order the help bots to tear apart Vanny, thus killing Vanessa inside as well. Gregory goes to find Freddy who's lying defeated with his chest piece shattered. Freddy tells Gregory that he's his superstar and pats him on the head before dying. After the credits, a news station reports that the Mega Pizzaplex is closing down from health concerns.

For the "savior ending," after beating the final Princess Quest, the arcade machine reads "error." Soon enough, Gregory looks out to see all of the help bots have been disabled. In another room, we see that Vanny has taken off her mask and left it behind.

Long story short, beating the game released Vanessa and everything infected from Glitchtrap's virus.

The comic book continues with Gregory holding a duffle bag with Freddy's head while looking at something with plenty of skepticism. Freddy encourages Greg to go on. The next panel shows the front entrance of the Pizzaplex where Vanessa, dressed in casual clothes, is holding open the door for all of them to leave together. Finally, Greg, Freddy and Vanessa all eat ice cream on the side of a hill watching the sunset.

Last but not least, is the "canon" ending. Players must go down the Old Elevator and take on an additional boss encounter in Springtrap. After burning Springtrap several times while warding off Chica and Roxy, a full-on cinematic plays. Freddy and Gregory light the Pizzaplex on fire. Springtrap is revealed and soon enough is grabbed and presumably killed by a tentacle monster/Funtime/Molten Freddy. The good Freddy and Gregory safely run and escape and sit on the side of a hill watching the sunset.

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