Former Blizzard Employee Reportedly Made Series of Discriminatory Comments About Co-Workers on Discord

Photo by Blizzard Entertainment

A former Blizzard employee of nearly 24 years has reportedly routinely made discriminatory remarks about people with disabilities, women, LGBTQ+, and others in the company on a Discord server named, "The right wing of gaming."

On Dec. 27, the longtime Blizzard employee was identified on Twitter as Geoff Fraizer by ABK Workers Alliance founder and organizer Jessica Gonzalez. Gonzalez's screenshots of the hateful Discord comments seemingly made by Fraizer under the username "Nebu" have since reportedly been corroborated by another Blizzard employee to Kotaku.

From quality assurance to web content editor, Frazier had worn many hats for Activision Blizzard since 1997 according to his LinkedIn profile but seemingly also decided to make Discord rants "leaking sensitive employee information, objectifying interns, outing transgender staff, and more" since May 2021.

In one of his lengthier posts on June 26, Frazier mentions how he was seemingly being pushed out the door by his "libtard bosses" because he "didn't vaccine" and is conservative, detailed his disapproval with the increase in female interns at the company with "at least 1 has giant tits,” and referred to the recently recognized holiday of Juneteenth as “stupid shit.”

What initially began Gonzalez's Twitter thread covering Frazier alleged actions was a Reddit post pointing out that he was selling his entire Blizzard collection.

Gonzalez said that she had previously opened an HR case on him "for many reasons," and that he tried to report her for being “toxic” when she and others began advocating for diversity, equity, and inclusion at the company.

Other screenshots of Frazier reveal him calling her the "worst hire of all time" for "ratting everyone out to the government” and "ruining the whole company" — let alone the rips took at her personal information.

At the time of writing, Activision Blizzard is still involved in several lawsuits regarding its workplace sexual harassment and discrimination claims, strikes are ongoing, and several parties have called for the resignation of CEO Bobby Kotick.