Fortnite Cold Blooded Coffers: Where to Find, Rewards

Players must find and search Cold Blooded Coffers to complete a Most Wanted Quest.
Players must find and search Cold Blooded Coffers to complete a Most Wanted Quest. / Epic Games

One of Fortnite's latest Most Wanted Quests requires players to search five Cold Blooded Coffers to gain more Infamy.

Patch v23.40 introduced Exotic Weapons and a series of new challenges to the Battle Royale for players to complete and earn free in-game rewards. The Most Wanted Quests range from buying an Exotic Weapon to defeating a Cold Blooded Boss. Each successful challenge gives players Infamy points that unlock exclusive cosmetics.

Players can also compete in the Most Wanted Leaderboards Challenge by opening as many Cold Blooded Vaults as possible across their first ten matches during the Challenge Period.

So, where can players find the Cold Blooded Vaults and Cold Blooded Coffers?

Fortnite Cold Blooded Coffers: Where to Find

Players looking to complete all the available Most Wanted Quests must find Cold Blooded Coffers. They are only located at:

  • Shattered Slabs
  • Faulty Splits
  • Brutal Bastion

Once players enter the POIs, they must find the Cold Blooded Vault and defeat the guarding Cold Blooded Boss for the keycard. Then, they can enter the vault and find the Cold Blooded Coffers. The large black and white chests feature the Most Wanted serpent symbol on the top surface.

Fortnite Cold Blooded Coffers: Rewards

Players who manage to defeat the Cold Blooded NPCs have full access to the loot inside the vault. The Cold Blooded Coffers will drop at least one Exotic Weapon, as well as more gold.

Many of the Most Wanted Challenges rely on having an extensive amount of gold, so make sure to collect all the gold bars that come from both the Cold Blooded Coffers and the vault.

Once the challenge is successfully completed, players will earn 1,500 Infamy points.