Fortnite D2 D3 E2 E3: What Does it Mean?

Fortnite D2 D3 E3 E3 is the hint given to players trying to find Week 1's battle star. The BRUTE loading screen was the one that gave the hints to players that finished all the challenges.

Those figures are coordinates for the Battle Star.

Fortnite D2 D3 E2 E3

Currently, the Battle Stars are not working and Epic Games has promised a fix by next week. So don't bother heading to the location yet. But to find it, head to coordinates which are just south of The Block and a little bit west on a hill from the excavation site that looks like a pickaxe.

Make sure all your challenges are done too!

In Season 10 of Fortnite, Epic Games went with a different style. Instead of completely changing a part of the map from the get-go, the team has decided to slowly make changes throughout the season to different parts of the map. This could be the reason why the Battle Stars are bugged.

Photo courtesy of Epic Games