Fortnite Dragon Ball Z Skins: What to Expect

Image Courtesy of Epic Games

Excited to see the Dragon Ball Z skins come to Fortnite? Here is what to expect.

Epic Games rocked the world of gaming this Friday after tweeting out a picture of the mighty Shenron, well known to anime lovers as the magical guardian of the Dragon Balls in Dragon Ball Z.
It appears that one of the longest rumored and most hyped collabs of Fortnite x Dragon Ball Z, has been teased as tomorrow, Aug. 16.

Fortnite is adding Dragon Ball Z as another summer collaboration alongside John Cena, Naruto, Darth Vader, and Indiana Jones. Could this be the greatest summer of Fortnite collaboration history?

Fortnite Dragon Ball Z Skins: What to Expect

Although official details on the collaboration of the summer remain unpublished, several leaks offer a base expectation of what is to come. According to YouTuber EverDay FN, we can expect the Fortnite x DBZ event to last for about 7 weeks of fun. With three skins for Goku, Vegeta, and Beerus already confirmed by leaks online.

As with any Fortnite crossover event, we can expect there to be themed quests and challenges that will likely offer themed rewards such as back bling, harvesting tools, and maybe even emotes as their prizes. The best skins will of course be left for players to purchase in the store, or unlockable through the Battle Pass. But new DBZ themed weapons, gadgets, and more are likely to make their way into the actual game for every single player to enjoy.