Fortnite Last Resort Map: All Changes and New POIs

Fortnite Last Resort adds three new POIs to the map.
Fortnite Last Resort adds three new POIs to the map. / Epic Games

The Fortnite Last Resort map is now live with three new POIs full of Mythic weapons and heavily guarded Vaults.

Fortnite WILDS brought a new jungle biome to the map that introduced deadly flowers, Raptors, and three POIs to the center of the map. The changes were often met with criticism, given how difficult the terrain is to navigate in Zero Build, especially without a true mobility item for over half the season.

Now, it seems like Epic Games has learned from their mistakes with the addition of three more POIs that are not only aesthetically pleasing and well-designed, but also perfect for the heist-inspired season in all modes.

Here's a breakdown of all the new changes and POIs to the Fortnite map in Chapter 4 Season 4.

Fortnite Last Resort Map: All Changes and New POIs

The Fortnite Last Resort map added the following POIs in Chapter 4 Season 4:

  • Eclipsed Estate
  • Relentless Retreat
  • Sanguine Suites

Eclipsed Estate

Eclipsed Estate
Eclipsed Estate / Epic Games

Eclipsed Estate is the headlining POI for Fortnite Last Resort. The new location was featured in the season's trailer as the new crew of Battle Pass skins broke into Kado Thorne's Vault to secure a new Mythic weapon.

The POI replaces The Citadel in the medieval biome and offers plenty of rooms full of loot in addition to the Vault underground. A large crescent moon overlooks the entire property, possibly hinting at Chapter 5's rumored lunar eclipse map.

Eclipsed Estate is surrounded by water, so approaching or leaving the POI will leave you exposed, especially in Zero Build.

Relentless Retreat

Relentless Retreat
Relentless Retreat / Epic Games

Relentless Retreat is the least daunting new POI in Fortnite Last Resort. The crescent moon island feels like its own small creative map tucked away in a corner of the current map. The house is not nearly as big as the hotel in Sanguine Suites or the complex of Eclipsed Estate.

If you want the best chance at staying alive off-spawn, head to Relentless Retreat. The POI is just below Shattered Slabs and will provide an easy rotate into MEGA City. If you manage to secure the Mythic weapon in the Vault, you have a great chance at getting a Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4 Victory Royale.

Sanguine Suites

Sanguine Suites
Sanguine Suites / Epic Games

Sanguine Suites is the largest of the three new POIs. At times, the location feels like you are navigating a maze, but with so many windows and exits, you can easily find your way out of the complex. Finding loot off-spawn will not be a problem in the large POI.

The hotel replaces Lonely Labs and sits at the top right corner of the map. Sanguine Suites also features a Vault with more Mythic weapons inside, but beware of the scanning lasers as you descend into the basement.