Fortnite Map Destruction for Chapter 4 End

The Fortnite map could be destroyed by the end of Chapter 4.
The Fortnite map could be destroyed by the end of Chapter 4. / Epic Games

As Fortnite WILDS comes to a close, Dr. Slone is hinting at a possible map destruction for Chapter 4's end.

A new Fortnite season always features slight map adjustments, but a new Fortnite chapter could bring an entirely new map. Dr. Slone is still working out the best way to evade The Last Reality, and it seems leaving them behind in a cataclysmic event could be the only way to ensure the safety of the civilization.

Could her plans lead to the destruction of the Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4 map?

Fortnite Map Destruction for Chapter 4 End

The Fortnite map could be completely destroyed at the end of Chapter 4. According to Dr. Slone's voice lines, leaked by Egyptian_Leaker and reported by FNChiefAko, the island's inhabitants will need to seek refuge somewhere to truly escape The Last Reality.

Slone says, "I've been told, by someone you and I both trust, that we need to get off this island. As soon as we can." She goes on to explain, "I have a plan that might give us a path to escape our enemies for good. It's risky, but it's worth it."

If Slone really is trying to evade The Last Reality, then perhaps she will need to bring everyone to a completely new map as far away from the enemy as possible. And, she just might destroy the current one to ensure The Last Reality cannot follow.

Will Fortnite Chapter 5's Map Be on the Moon?

All leaks and clues indicate that Fortnite Chapter 5's map will be on the moon. After popular Fortnite content creators received packages from Epic Games that included frame photos of a blood moon, many began speculating that Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4 will transition Fortnite into the sky.

The apparatus, east of Rumble Ruins, is already pointed to the sky and revealing constellations that hint at Fortnite's future.

Will There be a Fortnite Chapter 4 Live Event?

Although Epic Games has not confirmed an upcoming live event, all the clues and lore indicate that there could very well be a huge in-game live event to end Fortnite Chapter 4. If Slone is destroying the current map, what better way to do it than in front of millions of players around the world?

The last Fortnite live event, The Collision, occurred over a year ago, and fans have been begging for one ever since. Bringing a whole new map to Fortnite is the perfect time to bring back live events.