Fortnite Patch Notes 11.20: 5 Biggest Changes

Fortnite Patch Notes 11.20 are full of mostly minor changes and bug fixes. Even so, there are a few things to look forward to this patch. Here are the five biggest changes in Fortnite Patch 11.20.

Fortnite Patch Notes 11.20: 5 Biggest Changes

The Bandage Bazooka has been re-enabled.

The Bandage Bazooka was disabled last patch because of a few bugs that seem to have been fixed. The bandage bazooka is an interesting weapon that heals rather than doing damage, making its return quite special. For those looking to play a more supportive play style, this might suit you.

You can now search for outfits in the locker.

It was getting a bit difficult for those who own a lot of different outfits to find what they were looking for. To remove the scrolling and clutter, EPIC has made an option for you to search for items via a text bar, allowing you to sort items by what season they were introduced into the game. Players with stacked lockers can rejoice!

Daily Challenges are Back

Daily challenges make a return. There will be three available at a given time, and you can trade one out if it proves too difficult, or if doesn't fit your play style.

The Mobile Version has a Tutorial Playlist?

It isn't clear what this means, but it will be useful for newer players to the mobile version of the game to help them learn the ropes.

The Hair of the Devastator Outfit Now Appears the Intended Color. 

And finally, the biggest change of them all. Before this patch, the color of the Devastator's hair wasn't showing up as brown as advertised. That has been fixed this patch. If you're wondering what color it was showing up as before, it is unsure. But you can rest easier now knowing that his hair is now the intended brown color.

Perfectly brown, as all things should be.
Perfectly brown, as all things should be. /

There wasn't a lot to report on this patch, however the return of the Bandage Bazooka and daily challenges are useful and important, so best make the most out of them.

Photos Courtesy of EPIC Games