Fortnite Season 11: 5 Things We'd Like to See

Fortnite Season 11 is just around the corner and players are eager to find out what new features will come with the new season. While we wait for announcements from Epic Games about what Fortnite Season 11 has to offer, we thought we would make a wishlist about what we want in the new season. If you are privy to recent rumors, we may be due to see major changes in everyone's favorite Battle Royale. Here are five things we'd like to see in Fortnite Season 11.

Fortnite Season 11: 5 Things We'd Like to See

1. New Halloween Themed Skins

With the Fortnite Batman Event coming to an end on Oct. 6, close to the inauguration of Season 11, we should expect the addition of new Halloween themed skins that were teased during the Event as begin to enter the month October.

2. Ranked Matchmaking

Epic Games has already confirmed that players will now be matched by skill, but have yet to reveal how this system will work.

While Epic Games may go the route of an invisible ELO system, we would like to be able to see different ranking levels that are shown off on a player's profile, similar to Counter-Strike or Overwatch.

3. A New Re-Vamped Battle Pass and Rewards

It's to be expected that a new battle pass would ship with Fortnite Season 11, but with the several recent changes to how Fortnite is typically experienced, we would also like to see new features added to the Battle Pass.

Much like in the Competitive Points Overwatch, we would like to see a bonus given to players according to the ranking tiers we might see in skilled matchmaking.

4. A New Island Map

With the advent of Fortnite Season 11, many players were expected huge changes that typically come with each season. However, Fortnite data miner Lucas7yoshi has recently discovered a swath of new locations that have never previously been in the game.

While it is possible that these new locations could just be a part of a major makeover of the current Battle Royale Island, it is very likely that Epic Games has decided that a completely new location is finally due for Fortnite in Season 11.

5. A New Way to Drop In

Many players found it peculiar when Epic Games introduced an update in 2018 that let players thank the bus driver as they were transported to the Battle Royale Island. However, with a recent leaked screenshot by another dater miner ShiinaBR, we might have found out why Epic decided to let players show appreciation to the hardworking chauffeur.

The image shows several characters waving goodbye to the very familiar Battle Bus as it departs from the island. While this image could just be innocent new promotional material for the game, it could also potentially play into the rumors of the new Island Map that could come with the next season.

Photo Courtesy of Epic Games