Fortnite x Dragon Ball Collaboration: Versus Boards Explained

Image courtesy of Epic Games/Toei Animation

Fortnite's Dragon Ball collaboration adds a whole batch of new content to the Island, including Versus Boards. Here's what you need to know.

The long-awaited Fortnite x Dragon Ball collaboration has finally landed. iIth this latest update, players are treated to the debut of Goku, Vegeta, Bulma, and Lord Beerus in Fortnite, as well as a variety of themed cosmetics. Players can take part in the new Tournament of Power, and complete a series of challenges throughout the Island to earn the exclusive Shenron Glider.

But that's not all. Temporarily replacing Bounty Boards are the new Versus Boards.

Fortnite x Dragon Ball Collaboration: Versus Boards Explained

Activating a Versus Board on the Fortnite Island will pit you against a rival player, one-v-one style. Both players will need to opt into a battle by interacting with a Versus Board somewhere on the Island. Once the battle is set, each player's location will be revealed on the other's map.

Players get five minutes to find, and take down, their opponent.

Where to Find Versus Boards in Fortnite

Versus Boards have temporarily replaced Bounty Boards, meaning they can be found wherever the Bounty Boards were placed previously.

Be sure to check any named location and look for the Board's location on the minimap once you're nearby.