Fortune's Keep is Set to Return in MW3 Warzone Season 2

Fortune's Keep is returning in Warzone Season 2.
Fortune's Keep is returning in Warzone Season 2. / Activision

After almost two years, Fortune's Keep is finally set to return in MW3 Warzone Season 2.

When Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 dropped back in 2022, fan-favorite Resurgence map, Fortune's Keep, was removed from the game. Despite the community's pleas for the map, along with Rebirth Island, to return, Activision instead released Ashika Island and Vondel in the following two years. Just when it seemed like Fortune's Keep and Rebirth Island would never come back to Warzone, the developers announced their rereleases in 2024 at Call of Duty: NEXT.

Without concrete release dates, though, fans continued to speculate and predict when each map was truly returning. Now, it looks like Fortune's Keep is coming in just one week.

Fortune's Keep is Set to Return in MW3 Warzone Season 2

With just nine days until MW3 Warzone Season 2, Activision sent out mysterious care packages to just five content creators to tease the impending revival of Fortune's Keep.

One of the lucky chosen streamers, Majin, posted the box on X, writing "I am 'FORTUNATE' to be able to open this with yall." He went on to write, "What do you think is inside this? Season 2 will 'KEEP' the vibes going."

The caption and box alone are enough to confirm the return of Fortune's Keep in Season 2. Then, the content creator showed off what could be possible changes coming to the map, teasing a Fortune's Keep 2.0. Check out the image below, reposted on the official Call of Duty X account.

When Does MW3 Warzone Season 2 Start?

MW3 Warzone Season 2 starts on Wednesday, Feb. 7, 2024. If Fortune's Keep is indeed coming in Warzone Season 2, then fans can expect to see the map return on the same day, likely at 12 p.m. ET.

Other details surrounding Warzone Season 2 are still largely unknown beyond a fresh Battle Pass and new weapons. A rumored collaboration between Activision and The Walking Dead could hit both Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone Season 2, bringing new Operators, Weapon Blueprints, and even a bow weapon to both games.

Stay tuned for more intel about Warzone Season 2 and Fortune's Keep as the release date approaches.