Free V-Bucks Codes in Fortnite February 2023

Epic Games

With Fortnite Chapter 4 in full swing, players might be wondering if there are any free V-Bucks codes for February 2023.

While V-Bucks aren't necessary to enjoy Fortnite, but they allow players to deck out their characters to a near-infinite degree. Fortnite's premium currency can be earned in a variety of ways. The fastest, but most costly way is to purchase them via the in-game store. Of course, this costs real money, and not all of us are willing to part with cash for cosmetics.

A second way is to earn them through the Battle Pass. Each season's Battle Pass usually contains a few offerings of V-Bucks as part of its free progression path, and even more in the Premium Battle Pass.

The V-Bucks from the free Battle Pass will rarely be enough to buy some of the bigger cosmetics, but after a few seasons you'll have some to play with.

But there's also a third way. Every now and then, Epic Games will drop some free V-Bucks for players to claim. It's not often, so players will need to be vigilant to spot if there's any up for grabs. Luckily, we've taken away some of the pain and have put together a list of all the ways to claim free V-Bucks in February 2023.

Are There Any Free V-Bucks Codes for Fortnite in February 2023?

At the time of writing, Feb. 3, there are no free V-Bucks up for grabs via codes. The only way to earn yourself some free V-Bucks is to progress through the free Battle Pass.

Players will have more luck gaining free cosmetics, such as emotes or sprays, which Epic Games gives out fairly regularly each season during special events.

Codes that have been handed out in the past will have expired by now, so if you've been sitting on a code for a while and haven't redeemed it, then it may be too late. Here's a list of all the expired codes for free V-Bucks:

Expired Codes







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