Sources: FunPlus Phoenix Target ALEX to Lead New CS:GO Roster


FunPlus Phoenix is heavily targeting in-game leader Alex "ALEX" McMeekin as the first piece of a new CS:GO roster, according to multiple sources. It is unclear at this time how close FunPlus is to acquiring the benched Vitality player, but their efforts have increased.

This isn’t the first time FunPlus Phoenix have been mentioned in connection to ALEX, who was reportedly considered as early as July along with other organizations. Also reported was a hefty buyout figure of $600,000 from Vitality. More than six weeks have passed since then, leading to interest but no movement until recently.

Earlier in the year, ALEX stepped down as in-game leader of the Vitality roster. He cited burnout and fatigue from the hectic life as a CS:GO professional and opted to take time away from the game to recover. In recent interviews, ALEX has expressed his interest in returning to play and was open to a multitude of offers from interested organizations.

FunPlus Phoenix have had two Counter-Strike teams for short periods of time, both of which played in FLASHPOINT Season 1. First was the Danish roster of Heroic, who were never quite completely transferred while they played. The deal fell through after Patrick "es3tag" Hansen chose to accept a future offer with Astralis. The second roster was temporary and consisted of former Bad News Bears players from North America.

Representatives from Vitality declined comment.