Furniture Vendors in Genshin Impact: Everything You Need to Know

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Furniture vendors in Genshin Impact are housing shops that can be found in three locations within the game. Players can purchase furniture and furnishing blueprints from shops to decorate their houses.

The Housing System is a new feature in patch 1.5. Players can enter a Realm through the Serenitea Pot to build and customize their own houses. More information about this can be found in the article How to Furnish and Build a House in Genshin Impact.

Furnishing Vendors in Genshin Impact: Everything You Need to Know

In Genshin Impact are three types of vendors.

  • Realm Depot
  • Traveling Merchant
  • NPC Shops

Vendors allow players to buy house decorations and furnishing blueprints.

Blueprints cost a great amount of Mora, so you may want to consider if you want to rush and buy all of them. Remember that materials for crafting furniture is relatively easy to find, but blueprints and crafting time are what will slow players down from creating their homes. Make note that items can be purchased once by vendors.

Realm Depot

Talking to Tubby the bird has the option to view one's Realm Depot. This is where players can buy realm treasures, furniture, and furnishing blueprints with realm currency. The Realm Depot is the most resourceful vendor out of all options available. Yet all items are not available at once. Players must unlock Trust Ranks to be able to purchase more items with Tubby.

Check out what miHoYo has to say about the Trust Rank system.

Traveling Merchant

Traveling Merchant is a salesman that brings unique items every week. The items they sell are different every week and vary for every player. The merchant is accessible only on Fridays and Weekends, so make sure you have your calendar checked.

Detailed information about the Traveling Merchant can be found in the article Genshin Impact Teapot Traveling Salesman Explained.

NPC Shops

Master Lu and Goth are NPCs that sell furnishing blueprints.

location of  Mater Lu
location of Mater Lu /

Master Lu is located in Quingce village. It is most ideal to teleport to the Eastern North and walk down. He sells two furniture set blueprints and a single furnishing blueprint.

location of Goth
location of Goth /

Goth is located in the castle of Mondstadt. The least confusing way to get to him is to teleport to the main plaza of Mondstadt, walk up the stairs and find Goth standing in front of two benches located next to the castle walls.