Galarian Zapdos Pokémon GO: How to Get

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Making its debut in July 2022, Galarian Zapdos remains at the top of most trainer’s list of Pokémon they want to catch. Referred to as the Strong Legs Pokémon, here's how to get Galarian Zapdos in Pokémon GO.

First introduced in generation one in the Kanto region, Zapdos, is an electric and flying dual type Pokémon and is a part of the Legendary birds trio with Articuno and Moltres. In this form, Zapdos was originally known for its bright yellow appearance and spiky feathers. 

Pokémon Sword and Shield’s Galar region reintroduced some of the franchise’ most beloved Pokémon in new Galarian forms. Zapdos along with the other Legendary birds underwent a stark transformation in this form which makes them actually quite different from their Kantonian counterparts. Zapdos, almost unrecognizable from its original, is now entirely orange and black. Also what was once a thunderbird, took on a new typing: fighting and flying. 

Galarian Zapdos Pokémon GO: How to Get

In Pokémon GO, Galarian Zapdos isn’t as rare as it is hard to catch. To score an encounter with it, trainers must use a Daily Adventure Incense. This attracts Pokémon spawn who are not a part of the current season of the ongoing event. In this case, it would not attract Pokémon that are a part of the current Evolving Stars event. Daily Incense sessions only last 15 minutes, so if you do not encounter it when you use it, you must wait to try again the next day. 

Getting Galarian Zapdos to appear is the easy part. This Legendary bird has a base catch rate of 0.3 percent, and a flee rate of 90 percent. To increase your chances of catching it, use a Razz Berry and a curveball, pair it with great or excellent throws.