Gameplay Details of Pokémon GO Developer's Latest Pikmin Game Surface

Niantic's latest augmented reality game will feature Pikmin.
Niantic's latest augmented reality game will feature Pikmin. / Photo courtesy of Niantic, Inc.

Gameplay details surrounding the upcoming Pikmin augmented reality (AR) game from Pokemon GO's developer, Niantic, have surfaced. In partnership with Nintendo, Niantic began testing its latest game in Singapore on March 30. Players can now register to dive into the world of Pikmin.

Nintendo announced it was working on a new Pikmin AR game alongside Niantic on March 22. In addition to the latest game, Niantic is also developing AR glasses. The company's CEO, John Hanke, posted an image on Twitter showcasing their upcoming technology on March 29. With all of these details surfacing consecutively, fans have been waiting for more information regarding the Pikmin game and its mechanics. They should be happy to know that IGN has taken a peek at the early version of the game and provided details on their website.

Gameplay Details of Pokémon GO Developer's Latest Pikmin Game Surface

According to Jordan Oloman, Niantic's Pikmin AR game does not include microtransactions, and as of now, players cannot interact with Points of Interest. With regards to gameplay, it revolves around obtaining energy by walking. Once players have accumulated enough energy, they will be able to pluck Pikmin and add them to their collection.

Pikmin will eventually grow to their full size, and once they do, they can be added to a squad. Walking with a squad allows players to accumulate to collect fruits which then turn into nectar. Oloman states that, when a Pikmin consumes nectar, it "will bloom leaves, buds, and flowers, and when the flowers glow, players can collect petals by tapping the bloomed Pikmin." Players are able to use the collected petals in the game's Flower Planting mode, in which players will be able to plant a trail of flowers as they walk. There are a total of seven different Pikmin species and each one offers a particular petal color.

Niantic's game also includes different modes. The expedition mode "allows players to send their collected Pikmin to locations that they have previously visited in the app to collect seedlings, fruit, and postcards." There is also a Lifelog section which players can use "to see their stats and record activities, photos, and thoughts in a journal reflecting on their adventures."

According to Nintendo, the Pikmin mobile app is set to release globally in 2021. They have yet to confirm an exact release date, but fans have a lot to look forward to and should be excited to explore the augmented reality world of Pikmin once the app launches.