Games Like Wordle: 5 Best Games to Try

In the months since Wordle first took off, and the green and yellow boxes swept through twitter the game was sold to The New York Times for $1 million, and many different takes on the game have popped up for puzzle fans to enjoy. Here are five different games like Wordle for you to enjoy that range from being very close to the same game, to extremely different

1. Quordle

Quordle is just like Wordle...but you have to guess four different words all at once. It provides a deeper puzzle strategy than the original Wordle game does, but keeps the same core mechanics that are so popular. Try to find all four words in nine guesses or less.

2. Semantle

Test your knowledge of the English language with Semantle. In Semantle the goal is also to guess a secret word, but there are no restrictions on which word it can be. Start guessing random words and receive a number that correlates to how close the meaning of your word and the secret word is, and tailor your guesses from there to find the matching word.

3. Worldle

The biggest mouthful Wordle clone is Worldle, a game focused on the world. You begin with a country's outline, and start guessing. You will receive a score based on how close your guess is to the target country, and a little arrow to guide you.

4. Redactle

Wikipedia has been home to impromptu games before, with the race to get from one page to another being a popular game to play with friends. In Redactle, you receive a Wikipedia page that has been wiped of all distinguishing information. You are left to guess words that appear on the page, until you find the page title. Here's a hint: guessing pronouns are a great starting point.

5. Poeltl

For the sports fans out there, don't worry, there are plenty of Wordle clones for you. Poeltl is based on NBA players, try to figure out who the mystery player is by matching position, height, division, team, and more to put the clues together.