Genshin Impact Crimson Wish: Everything You Need to Know

courtesy of miHoYo

Crimson Wish is a quest in Genshin Impact that rewards Crimson Agates for the Frostbearing tree.

In the outer bounds of Dragonspine stands the Frostbearing Tree. The tree consumes Crimson Agate, but also gives quests that rewards them, which is the Crimson Wish quests. This is a new features updated December 2020 with the 1.2 patch.

Players can upgrade the Frostbearing tree with the Crimson Wish quests. There is a limited number of Crimson Agate located on the map that do not spawn again, so it is necessary to do Crimson Wish if players want rewards from the Frostbearing tee. Below is the locatinon of the tree in the red circle.

Location of the Frostbearing Tree
Location of the Frostbearing Tree / courtesy of miHoYo

Every Monday and Friday, five Crimson Wishes spawn on the Dragonspine map. Completing each quests gives one Crimson Agate. Thus, players can achieve ten Crimson Agate every week. The five quests are repeating and should not bee too much of a challenge.

How to Unlock Crimson Wish

To start the Crimson Wish missions, players must unlock the Frostbearing tree first. This can be done by finishing the main Dragonspine storyquest and the 'Investigate the Strange Ice' quest. After that, the Frostbearing tree has to be upraged to level 8 using Crimson Agate.

Genshin Impact Crimson Wish: Everything You Need to Know

Check out this video to locate Crimson Agate in the wild. Yes, players do have to hunt for Crimson Agate. Yet once the Crimson Wish is unlocked, it becomes so much easier to get these red gems.

Rewards of the Frostbearing tree

What is so special about the Forstbearing tree that players invest so much time into getting Crimson Agate? To get you motivated, here is the list of rewards that each tree level offers.

Rewards of the Frostbearing Tree
Rewards of the Frostbearing Tree / courtesy of miHoYo

A couple of notable rewards include the Crown of Insight offered at level 11 and the Wind Glider: Wings of Concealing show offered at level 12. The Crown of Insight is an uncommon item necessary for Talent Level-ups, and the new Wind Glider is only achievable through the tree.

Buckle up and head to the Southern region of Mondstadt for some juicy rewards. Don't forget to stay warm!