Genshin Impact Maguu Kenki: How to Defeat

Maguu Kenki is a boss in Genshin Impact and will be available during version 1.6 with the Golden Apple Archipelago.

Genshin Impact version 1.6 features an exciting summer event for travelers. At the Golden Apple Archipelago, travelers can pair up with Klee to fight against a threat to Monstadt.

Travelers have found the new region refreshing. The Midsummer Island Adventure is not the only addition in version 1.6. The Echoing Conch and Maguu Kenki have also made an appearance.

Maguu Kenki is one of the strongest normal bosses in Genshin Impact. You can fight it by participating in the Legends of the Vegabond Sword event.

In this article, you will find out how to defeat it.

Genshin Impact Maguu Kenki: How to Defeat

Before going in to how to defeat Maguu Kenki, we must first go over his abilities and attack patterns. Maguu Kenki can dash to players and does a three time slash at players after that.

Next is about his Oni Mask ability. The boss summons several oni masks during battle. Yet this mask is not to put on a face, but is a tool for battle. Here are the three types of oni masks it uses:

  • Protective Mask: protects Maguu Kenki from ranged attacks
  • Pushing Mask: summons a mask in front of Maguu Kenki and pushes it forward to deal damage
  • Exploding Mask: summons a mask in front of traveler that swirls before exploding

Here are a few tips to fight against these. Maguu Kenki cannot attack while the Protective mask is summoned. Approach it and hit it from up close using swords.

For the pushing mask, you will be able to predict its dash. Use your own dash to dodge the push and attack it while it stands for a few seconds after the push.

Maguu Kenki also has a special ability doing elemental damage called Dual Sword Burst. It can summon an additional swords, charging it up and slamming to the ground. A crystalline will spike around the boss, dealing Anemo and Cyro damage.

The key to defeating Maguu Kenki lies in attack distance rather than elemntal damage type. You should stay close to it and avoid ranged characters. Use your dashes only when you need to dodge skillsets such as Dual Sword Burst or pushing mask.

Genshin Impact Maguu Kenki: Rewards

Magu Kenki is one of the normal bosses in Genshin Impact. A normal boss refers to mobs who give rewards in exchange to Resins. Once you defeat Maguu Kenki, a Trounce Blossom will spawn and ask for 40 Original Resin for rewards.

The Trouce Blossom will give the following materials:

  • Mora
  • Adventure EXP
  • Companionship EXP
  • Ascension Materials
  • Artifact sets

The amount and rarity of the reward differs according to your World Level. The Genshin Impact Fandom Wiki tells us the exact amount of rewards according to World Level.

courtesy of Genshin Impact Fandom Wiki Website