Genshin Impact Tier List for 1.5

courtesy of miHoYo

Genshin Impact's 1.5 patch has brought changes into the character tier lists.

There are over 30 characters in Genshin Impact. Every character is unique in a sense of what element and weapons they use, but there are general stars that rate them as well.

Genshin Impact Tier List for 1.5

miHoYo has never made any tentative balance changes to characters since the game has officially launched, thus the tier list for characters stays relatively consistent.

What may affect the tier lists are new artifacts, weapons, bosses, or characters from updates. It is crucial for players to understand abilities and what artifacts and weapons they work well with, as well as the four-team combinations that may maximize the potential of characters.

This article is divided into four sections from S-tier down to C-tier. Each tier will introduce the best DPS, Sub-DPS, and support characters.


Ganyu / courtesy of miHoYo

As the main DPS for the team, Ganyu remains one of the strongest characters. She has a powerful elemental burst with her bow's charge attack. She is an easy character to do cyro combos. Read more about Ganyu and Cyro characters here.

Venti is another great character that may be used for both as a sub-DPS and a support. As an Anemo (wind) type, Venti's skills have great crowd control and recharges fast as well. His elemental skill that launches the player into the air may also come in handy for traveling.

Zhongli has gained more acknowledgement this patch as he climbs to an S-tier from A. He is a tanky pole arm character that has a consistent and strong shield. When other characters is equip with this shield, they will deal more damage- thus the shield activates as a buffer as well.


Noelle / courtesy of miHoYo

A-tier characters stay relatively consistent, such as Kequing, Razor, and Fischl. A new DPS character is Noelle. She may be known as more of a supporter because of her shields and heals, but her heavy attacks with a claymore have extra Geo effects when there is another elemental skill effect, thus may crystallize multiple enemies at once.

Mona is a catalyst best used as a Sub-DPS with her hydro element. Her elemental skill is excellent to cause reactions and she can do burst damage in collaboration with fire. Another factor is that she is able to spring on water rather than swimming.

Qiqi has been one of the top support champions from early game. Her team healing depends on the amount of damage she does, thus she can be both the healer and a damage source. Yet as other characters become more compatible, her rank has been going down.


Xinyan / courtesy of miHoYo

Xinyan is a decent DPS choice. Her pyro damage with claymore does burst damage and she has a strong defense with her shield. This allows her to be flexible to be both a DPS and a supporter, but she generally does not have great stats compared to other characters.

Xiangling may be considered as a sub-DPS character. Her pyro ult is especially useful because it does not require much skill to use, and it recharges fast too. What could be better is her elemental skill with the bear- it is not controllable other than where players can place it.

A B-tier support is Barbara. When it comes to healing and buffing champions, Barbara is probably one of the best choices as an S-tier. However, she does not serve more purpose than healing, unlike other healers that can do damage at the same time.


Amber / courtesy of miHoYo

Amber, Lisa, and Traveler are all the first characters that are given to players, yet they are considered to be the words to use. They are those characters that let you get used to the game with easy skills. Sadly, you have to eventually move on to more powerful choices. None of them serve a purpose more than their elemental type, meaning that their elemental skills are pretty much useless.