Genshin Impact Transient Dreams Quest Guide

Genshin Impact
Genshin Impact / Photo courtesy of miHoYo

Players are wondering how to complete the Transient Dreams quest in Genshin Impact.

Transient Dreams is in the Imperatrix Story Chapter of Raiden Shogun's quest. To access this Story Quest, you need a Story Key. You also are required to have reached Adventure Rank 40 and completed the following sections of the quest: Chapter II: Act III - Omnipresence Over Mortals and Imperatrix Umbrosa Chapter: Act I - Reflections of Mortality.

Once you reach the second act of this quest, you may be wondering how to get past it. Here's how to complete the Transient Dreams section of Raiden Shogun's Story Quest in Genshin Impact.

How to Complete Transient Dreams: Genshin Impact

According to Game8, here's how to complete the Transient Dreams portion of the Story Quest:

• First up is the Cleansing Light portion. To begin, go to the Adventurer's Guild in Inazuma and speak to Katheryne.
• Proceed to the area northeast of the Grand Narukami Shrine.
• Battle the Rifthounds.
• Following this, walk along the purple trails.
• Defeat the Rifthounds once again, this time, using Ei.
• Go to the Kamisato Estate to retrieve a tea set.
• Find Furuyama to proceed with the second part, titled Farewell to the Past.
• Beside the Cube Puzzle, there are more purple markings. Walk along these until you are inside a cave.
• With Ei's help, defeat the Rifthounds again.
• After this, go towards the cave underneath the Narukami Shrine. It is recommended that you stock up on food and have an NRE with you.
• Using Ei again, battle and beat the Raiden Shogun puppet. Once this is complete, you will have accessed the final section: Radiant Sakura.
• Go back to the Grand Narukami Shrine and speak to Yae Miko.
• Next, go to the cave under the Narukami Shrine that you were previously in.
• Last but not least, defeat the Raiden Shogun puppet again with Ei.

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