GeT_RiGhT Teases Move to Valorant

GeT_RiGhT Teases Move to Valorant
GeT_RiGhT Teases Move to Valorant / Photo Courtesy of @GeT_RiGhT on Twitter

Christopher “GeT_RiGtT” Alesund, a legendary CS:GO player who was an integral part of the unrivaled Ninjas in Pyjamas 87-0 LAN win streak has teased a move to Valorant in a recent tweet. Put out at 1 p.m. EST on his Twitter account, the trailer runs for almost a minute. The animated trailer begins with a title showing “GeT_RiGhT,” then the camera moves into what can only be called a PC battle station. In front of the camera is an ultra-wide monitor on a massive desk that slowly becomes illuminated when lights turn on.

After the camera moves past the desk, Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin” starts to play. Moving towards the radio playing the music reveals a mat with bullets in front of the radio. Before panning down to the desk, an arcade cabinet in the back of the room lights up. It reads “Valorant” as the title, a pretty clear indicator of where “GeT_RiGhT” is going next.

Then the camera shows the desk, besides the bullets on a mat there is a magazine, comedically named “GameMag,” the front page of which reads “Is GeT_RiGhT done?” This is clearly a reference to Alesund’s age, and speculation about him potentially being too old to compete at 30.

On the left of the mat is a phone with several notifications on it, unfortunately, it’s impossible to make out what exactly the phone reads. However, a phone with notifications on it seems a clear indicator that someone is trying to contact Alesund, possibly to sign him to a Valorant team. There are some minor odds and ends on the desk besides these items, a teddy bear on the right, what looks like delivered food on the left. Astute watchers may be able to glean some meaning from all of these things, but it could also merely be set dressing. 

The main takeaway from this trailer is GeT_RiGhT’s move to Valorant. Alesund signed with a new Dignitas roster with some of his former teammates in January 2020. But after being benched a few months back, this trailer seems to indicate a much bigger move for Alesund. In recent months Valorant has been taking the esports scene by storm, having several tournaments that garnered massive viewership. CS:GO players moving to Valorant has been an ongoing trend as well, and a legendary player like GeT_RiGhT moving to the new game on the block will only make competitive Valorant more interesting.

Generally the reaction has been positive, but it's clear that many CS:GO lovers are sad to see one of their favorite players go.