Ghost Recon Breakpoint Flycatcher: Everything You Need to Know

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Flycatcher is a boss from the main mission Hear No Evil. This tedious mission is essential in progressing through the storyline of the newly released Ghost Recon Breakpoint as it requires you to take down one of the four distinguished lieutenants of the Wolves. Here is everything you need to know about Ghost Recon Breakpoint Flycatcher.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Flycatcher: Everything You Need to Know

After starting the Hear No Evil mission, players will be eager to face-off with Flycatcher, however, getting to that point is a tedious process. The mission has you gather intel from from various locations in order to actually find Flycatcher's location.

If you have no trouble reading the mission objectives and following the indicators, you should have little trouble fulfilling the small tasks that mission has you do to locate Flycatcher.

When you finally reach the observation deck in the Arrow Testing Zone, you will face Flycatcher and his bodyguards. Flycatcher himself will periodically deploy drones that will shoot you, while he stays behind cover. First, take care of his bodyguards and then any drones he may have let loose. After doing so, he should be fairly easy to take down. After finishing off Flycatcher, all you have to do to complete the mission is to loot him for intel.

Completing the Hear No Evil mission will reward players with:

  • Flycatcher's P90 SMG
  • Flycatcher's P90 SMG Blueprint
  • Bomber Emblem
  • 3200 XP
  • 2500 Skell Credits

    Photo courtesy of Ubisoft