Ghost Recon Breakpoint Money Glitch: Everything You Need to Know

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Money Glitch is something that players eager to skip the relentless grind needed to build up funds in the recently released Ubisoft title. Here is everything you need to know about the Ghost Recon Breakpoint Money Glitch.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Money Glitch: Everything You Need to Know

In order to do this money glitch, it is recommended that you use an armor-busting class like the Sniper that gives you extra armor penetration and make sure you are well equipped with explosives. To make the process even quicker, you also will need also need a grenade, though it isn't necessary to do the trick.

The money glitch will be performed in the Behemoth Defense Area, which is a convenient location due to it's close proximity to a fast travel area, the Shacks Valley Bivouac.

The Sniper's increased armor-piercing is useful as this money glitch requires you to go head-on with the tank located in the Behemoth Defense Area, and the extra damage will make it easier to take down. Aim for the glowing part of the tank for its critical point. Every time you take down this tank, you are rewarded with 2500 Skell.

In order to reset its spawn, you will want to either exit to the main menu and re-enter the game, or use a faster method which involves using a grenade to kill your character and respawn close by. Due to how simple it is to complete this cycle, this is a great trick to gain Skell quicker than typical methods in Ghost Recon Breakpoint.

Users have reported that the base is now level 220, meaning it is more difficult than as depicted in the video.

Photo Courtesy of Ubisoft