Ghost-Type Pokémon Weakness and Resistances

Image courtesy of Nintendo and The Pokémon Company

Ghost-type Pokémon are a very unique typing. They started out slowly, really only having the Gengar evolution line in Gen I, and have slowly worked their way up the development food chain to featuring in Legendary Pokémon like Giratina, and being the secondary typing of starters Decidueye in Pokémon Sun and Moon, and Typhlosion in Legends Arceus.

What is a Ghost-Type Pokémon?

Ghost-type Pokémon bring the Halloween into Pokémon. Featuring designs and Pokémon themed around ghosts and the supernatural, they novel type and move sets give them moves and counters to Pokémon you can't get anywhere else in the series. Given their uniqueness, encountering one on a challenge run like a nuzlocke can be game-changing.

Ghost-Type Pokémon Weaknesses

Ghost-type are only weak to two uncommon types of moves. This is part of what contributes to their value as an excellent defensive typing. The only moves that hit for super effective damage are other Ghost-type moves, and Dark-type moves.

Ghost-Type Pokémon Strengths and Resistances

Ghost-type Pokémon are incredible because they are completely immune to two different types of move. Normal and Fighting-type moves cannot hit Ghost-type Pokémon at all, rendering them useless. Additionally, Ghost-type moves deal super effective damage to the common types Bug and Poison. Nearly every game has large sections of Bug and Poison Pokémon to make it through, so having a Ghost-type Pokémon would be a good addition to your team.

Best Counters for Ghost-Type Pokémon

Countering a Ghost-type Pokémon may seem difficult given its immunities, but with enough preparation, you can take one out without too much trouble. There are a couple of ways you could go about taking out a Ghost-type Pokémon. The riskiest would be to go Ghost-type vs Ghost-type, and make sure that your Pokémon can outspeed and one hit KO the other Ghost-type. Another higher-risk play would be to bring a Normal-type Pokémon. This is because that immunity we mentioned earlier actually works the other way too, Ghost-type moves cannot hit Normal-type Pokémon. If you have a Normal-type Pokémon with good move coverage, you can take down a Ghost-type easily. The safest option though is to use a Dark-type. Not only do they do super-effective damage to Ghost-types, but Ghost moves only do 1/2 damage to Dark-type Pokémon. If you're interested in learning more about Water, Fairy, or other types of Pokémon, check out our other Pokémon articles.

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