Ground-Type Pokémon Weakness and Resistances

Ground-types are among the first Pokemon types to ever debut in the franchise.
Ground-types are among the first Pokemon types to ever debut in the franchise. / The Pokemon Company

Ground-types are among the first Pokemon types to ever debut in the franchise. Most games showcase ground-type species or moves at the start of the game, allowing trainers to adjust to some of the tricky and frustrating mechanics this type offers.

There are 70 unique ground-type species in the franchise making up 7.67% of all Pokemon. This makes them the 9th most common ⁠— tied with fighting. In contests, ground-type moves tend to be the toughest.

What is a Ground-Type Pokemon?

Ground-types are one of the founding Pokemon types that originally debuted in Generation I. Not to be confused with rock-types ⁠— though the two are commonly paired together in popular memory ⁠— ground-types are Pokemon that traditionally have more to do with desert and/or sandy elements. For example, Sandshrew, Marowak, Sandaconda, Mudsdale, and Trapinch are all pure ground-types.

Hybrid ground-types are among some of the most popular choices, however, with names such as Rhyperior, Garchomp, Mamoswine, Nidoqueen, and Flygon.

Ground-Type Weaknesses

Ground-types moves will only deal half damage to bug and grass-types. They also cannot deal damage to flying-types for obvious reasons ⁠— unless the flying-type becomes grounded by holding an Iron Ball or being affected by a specific move such as Ingrain or Smack Down.

In that same vein, Pokemon that are ungrounded through moves, items, or passives will also be immune to ground-type moves.

Ground-type Pokemon will receive super-effective damage from grass, ice, and water-types.

Ground-Type Resistances and Strengths

Ground-type Pokemon take half damage from poison and rock-types while moves deal double damage to electric, fire, poison, rock, and steel types. They are immune to electric-type moves ⁠— Thunder Wave in particular ⁠— and receiving damage from a sandstorm weather condition.

Trainers shouldn't forget that often ground-types have hybrid typing that either negates some of or completely nullifies super-effective damage from water-types.

Despite their tough and bulky appearance, ground-types actually have Attack as their highest stat at 108.02. This is followed closely behind by Defense at 100.69 and HP at 89.67.

Ground-Type Passive Abilities

Ground-type Pokemon have one exclusive ground-type passive ability:

  • Arena Trap⁠—Prevents opposing Pokémon from fleeing.

Other ground-type and/or ground-type associated passive abilities include:

  • Sand Force⁠—Boosts the power of Rock-, Ground-, and Steel-type moves in a sandstorm.
  • Levitate⁠—By floating in the air, the Pokémon receives full immunity to all Ground-type moves.

Best Counters for Ground-Type Pokemon

The best counter for ground-types is grass-types. Since ground-types both receive super-effective damage from and deal half-damage to grass-types, this makes them the perfect foil. Examples of great counters to ground-types include Parasect, Ludicolo, Rillaboom, Leafeon, Sceptile, and so on.

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