Halo Infinite: All Skull Locations

Image courtesy of 343 Industries

Looking for Skulls in Halo Infinite? Here's where to find them.

Halo Infinite's campaign has finally dropped. Many fans are diving right in and enjoying the flow of the long-awaited entry. With its release came a bit of catch; currently, you're unable to replay any of the story missions without starting a new game. While 343 Industries have acknowledged this and announced that they're working on it, getting collectibles in the meantime is a bit more of a task.

One set of collectibles to find are Skulls. There are 12 in total to be found across the campaign, and each one can be a bit of a pain to find. They're worth hunting for, though, as each one unlocks genetic mutations. Some of these Skulls are missable, so keep your eyes peeled if you don't want to replay the whole campaign. Below, we've listed exactly where you can find each Skull.

Halo Infinite: All Skull Locations

We've listed the Skulls in order of their appearance in the campaign.

1. Boom Skull

The Boom Skull can be found suring the first mission, Banished Warship Gbraakon. You'll need to head to the narrow two-floor room, which is a few rooms after the AR projection. Head to the right side of the room, where the platforms are moving up and down. Jump on the middle platform and ride it up. You'll see the Skull hidden in this area.

2. Cowbell Skull

You'll be able to find the Cowbell Skull during the second mission, Foundation. As you progress, you'll eventually reach a point where you begin seeing images of ghostly children running around. Continue on until you come to a large room. The Cowbell Skull can be found in the rafters near the ceiling - you'll need to grapple up in order to grab it.

3. IWHBYD Skull

This Skull can be found in The Tower, on Island 1- Recovery. Climb to the top of The Tower and use your grapple to land on the support beams. Once you've reached as far as you can go, you'll need to slingshot yourself using the grapple to get to the very top rim of The Tower. The Skull can be found right in the middle.

4. Blind Skull

This Skull can also be found on Island 1- Recovery. Head towards the southern mountains. Walk from the west across the mountain and look for a toppled structure. Cross over this to find the corpses of Marines covered in blue goo, you'll soon be attacked by a Banished ship. Jump down to the next corpse and look to the right for a cavern. Look for a blue light across the chasm and use the grapple to reach it and find the Blind Skull.

5. Catch Skull

The Catch Skull is found on Island 2 - Excavation. Head to the northern side of the island and look for two circular roads on your map. You'll need to go to the southern one where you'll encounter three Brutes and two Hunters. Kill them and grab the Skull from the broken tree stump they were guarding.

6. Fog Skull

The Fog Skull can also be found on Island 2 - Excavation. Head to the west of FOB Alpha. Follow the path of hexagonal platforms by the cliff. Eventually, you'll see a doll on the ground. Look up to see some weapons highlighted - this also indicated where you'll need to go. Use your grapple to swing into the opening of the platform above. The Fog Skull can be found next to a pile of armor.

7. Famine Skull

This one is found on Island 4 - Sequence. Head to the small island just south of the eastern beacon. You'll likely need a Banshee or a Wasp to get there. Head to the eastern side of the island and drop down to find the Skull in the hands of an inactive Elite.

8. Black Eye Skull

The Black Eye Skull is also found on Island 4 - Sequence. You'll need to head to the lake between FOB Kilo and Riven Gate. look up at the waterfall and scan for the skull, you'll see a small opening. You'll need to grapple your way up to make it into the opening. Crawl through and grab the Black Eye Skull.

9. Thunderstorm Skull

Again, on Island 4 - Sequence. This one is atop a pillar just east of the northern beacon. Climb to the top of the hill for a better look and an audio log. You'll need to navigate your way down the pillar platforms to reach the one with the Skull, or you can use the grapple to get yourself there.

10. Mythic Skull

The Mythic Skull can be found during the 11th Mission, The Command Spire. After a room with a grav lift, you'll enter a large pillar processing room with plenty of enemies. Head down the room separated by an almost golden light. The pillars will start turning and you'll come across more enemies. Kill them and then hop onto the support beam against the wall to the left of the weapon rack. Grapple onto one of the floating beams as it approaches before it turns right. Climb up, then grapple again onto a ledge in the dark room above.

You'll need to grapple above you again to anothher ledge where you'll see a blue door. Head on through the door to find the Mythic Skull.

11. Grunt Birthday Party Skull

This one is found in Mission 12, Repository. You'll receive a message at a terminal in the middle of a large room. The terminal is in the middle of the room and connected by two light bridges. After the message, the east and west doors will turn blue but no bridge will connect them. Enemies will then enter which you'll need to kill. Head back toward the door you used to enter this area and grapple to the door on the east side. It's best to grapple to the support beam between the door platforms and climb to the center structure. Here, you can jump or grapple to the next door platform.

Head through the hallway to find a Power Seed. Grab it and return to the platform then grapple back to the first door platform. Cross the bridge toward the door the enemies came from then use the Grappleshot to get to the room on the west side. Enter the room and go to the right side, towards the back. Locate a crucible and insert the Power Seed.

After the room with The Weapon, you'll see two platforms that lead to mirrored rooms with ramps. Head through one and kill the enemies. Continue on and kill the next batch of enemies. You'll enter a room similar to the previous room. More enemies will enter for you to dispatch. Kill them and look to the top of the room to see that the Power Seed has opened a window. Inside here is the Grunt Birthday Party Skull.

In the small room are four invisible Elites. They attack as soon as you approach the Skull. They can be tricky to deal with so try drawing them out one by one. You'll need to kill them in order to get the Skull.

12. Bandana Skull

The final Skull is found during Mission 15, Silent Auditorium. In order to grab this Skull, you must not kill any Sentinels during the whole thing. The Skull is found at the end, and will lock behind a door if a single Sentinel is killed. Before getting into the final elevator, there's a door to the right side of the room across a short bridge. Go through the door and head to the top of the pillar. The final Skull will be sat there.