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Halo Infinite Ranking System, Rules, Playlists, Game Modes

Photo by 343 Industries

Halo Infinite's ranking system went live with the game's multiplayer on Nov. 15 much to the delight of fans.

A ranked system is at the heart of all competitive video games. Without a dedicated ranking system and playlist, an esports ecosystem is hard to nurture. Luckily for Halo fans, Infinite launched with a dedicated playlist, ruleset, ranking structure and even esports skins as 343 Industries continues to grow the Halo Championship Series for the upcoming season.

Here's everything you need to know about the ranking system in Halo Infinite multiplayer, per Halo Waypoint.

Halo Infinite Ranking System Detailed


Halo Infinite's ranking system is broken down into six divisions:

  • Bronze (I - VI)
  • Silver (I - VI)
  • Gold (I - VI)
  • Platinum (I - VI)
  • Diamond (I - VI)
  • Onyx

Each rank, up until Onyx, has subdivisions ranked one through six. Players must progress through each rank to hit the next major division. Onyx is the only rank that doesn't have subdivisions. Players starting their ranked journey will have 10 placement matches to determine where they should start their climb.

Halo Infinite Ranked Playlists

There are a number of queue options in Halo Infinite, each with their own individual ranks:

  • Controller - Solo/Duo Queue
  • KBM - Solo/Duo Queue
  • Cross-Input - No Party Size Limit

Halo Infinite Ranked Game Modes

Here are all of the modes and maps played at launch:

  • Capture the Flag - Aquarius, Bazaar, Behemoth
  • Oddball - Live Fire, Recharge, Streets
  • Slayer - Aquarius, Bazaar, Live Fire, Recharge, Streets
  • Strongholds - Live Fire, Recharge, Streets

Halo Infinite Ranked Rules

Here are the set rules for Ranked:

  • BR75 (Battle Rifle) Weapon Starts
  • Combat Sensor (radar) Disabled
  • Friendly Fire Enabled
  • Grenade Hitmarkers Disabled
  • Static Item Spawns
  • 4-v-4 Setting

Halo Infinite multiplayer is available now for free on Xbox and PC.