Here's Every Valorant Icebox Change Coming in Episode 8

Here's all the Valorant Icebox changes coming in Episode 8.
Here's all the Valorant Icebox changes coming in Episode 8. / Riot Games

Riot Games released the Valorant Icebox changes for Episode 8, and surprisingly, there are no new additions to the A Site.

The competitive map rotation in Valorant Episode 8 is getting a major shakeup. For the first time in over 8 months, Icebox will return to the game. The developers removed the polarizing map to incorporate improved updates to make the map more balanced for attackers and defenders. The new patch will also deliver several changes to Lotus, and remove Haven from the map pool.

Although the now confirmed Lotus changes received positive feedback from the Valorant community, the Icebox updates are a little more controversial. In fact, some players were hoping for more drastic improvements than what Riot Games actually delivered.

Valorant Icebox Changes for Episode 8 Detailed

Check out the Valorant Icebox changes for Episode 8 below.

Attacker Spawn and B Green

A new shipping crate has been added to the Attacker Spawn, limiting sight lines to mid. In contrast, the hanging crates around B Green have been lifted, offering much better visibility in the once darkened area. Now, there is more room for engagements and less of an opportunity to crouch in the tight space.

B Tube Exterior and B Tube Interior

Instead of being completely closed off, B Tube now has a window that allows players to hold new angles from both the interior and exterior. The window allows players to see the middle of the map much better, and the addition of two boxes to B Tube Interior offers new protection for players looking to hold a cheeky angle outside the window.

B Snow Pile

Outside of the B Snow Pile, there is now an extra stack of crates to protect the open window. The second lane to the B Snow Pile is now completely blocked off, limiting the area to just one lane.

In less than a week, we will truly see how Icebox's changes work in-game.